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Economic policy of Blaise Ingoglia, GOP is flawed

GOP economic policy is flawed

Dan DeWitt's characterization of Blaise Ingoglia is right on the mark. With the help of his right-wing Republican allies on the Hernando County Commission, Jim Adkins, Jeff Stabins and John Druzbick, they have made every effort to transfer as much wealth as possible from Hernando County's existing homeowners to the landed interest and their developer friends. Two major occasions were subsidizing impact fees and promoting urban sprawl by voting for the Quarry Preserve development.

Before Ingoglia starts on his journey of misrepresentation and lies, I would like to point out a few things. First, the right-wing Republicans ran the U.S. economy off the road by promoting markets free of rules, regulations and oversight. Second, they promoted major tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, arguing this would expand the economy and allow for the collection of more taxes, thus reducing the national debt. What follows is an oversight of the results of the right-wing Republican policy of "supply side" and "trickle down" economics, all voodoo economics they still promote.

When the right-wing Republicans and their tea party friends yell for tax cuts, without explaining what major services and benefits to cut, they are just blowing hot air and condemning further generations to increased debt and declining living standards.

Ken Lang, Spring Hill

Christmas House needed a subsidy

I would like to believe that all of the activities of the City Council and County Commission are true and very necessary concerns for the good of Brooksville and Hernando County. But I feel that there is a very important issue and a tragic circumstance that is being apparently ignored.

The closing down of the Rogers' Christmas House Village is almost beyond belief. People from all over the world know of this wondrous attraction. When I showed my daughter, who lives in Lutz, the latest news of the closing, she groaned, "Oh, no!"

She and her husband attend many aviation-related conferences, in addition to other traveling, and when she mentions in casual conversations that her mother lives in Brooksville, Florida, many persons respond with, "Oh, yes, that's where the Rogers' Christmas House is!"

It is my opinion that the City Council should subsidize the Christmas House in as much of its entirety as is at all possible. There surely are enough people right here in Brooksville that would even consider being a part of that solution, let alone others who just happen to love the Christmas House. The Rogers' Christmas House is Brooksville.

Mary E. Farrington, Brooksville

Group helps guide veterans

County Veteran Services is established under HB 293, under state statute, urging provision of services in all 67 counties. The statute is flawed only to the extent that it is outdated. Nevertheless, two service officers (Matt Peters and Debbie Gould Avery), along with a receptionist, all serving a densely-populated county, seems reasonable to consider by commissioners to maintain its operation rather than hold it up to ridicule to say it could be eliminated to save some $180,000.

Matt and Debbie see some 120 veterans or their dependents each month, or about 1,600 a year. The number quoted, 24,000 assists, in the May 23 C.T. Bowen column appears somewhat inflated. Unfortunately it leads the public in a direction that is not fully forthcoming.

Volunteer service officers are at every post or detachment in the county, and they offer a referral to a veteran services representative with years of experience. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10209 sees some 120 veterans or their dependents a month and fields scores of calls. Post members assure that veterans or their dependents are counseled correctly, provided directions for professional medical opinions and offer other help.

This writer has been doing this for nearly 20 years and is one of several people in line for the annual VFW certification in July. Our officers are pleased to work in concert with county services and recognize the significance of its contributions to our entire veteran community.

Our county commissioners ascribe to an ideologically conservative agenda, which includes respect and loyalty to the Department of Defense and its veterans. These veterans need our continued respect and admiration for their great service to our nation.

Deron Mikal, Brooksville

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