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Educate children about gun safety

The most dangerous lead isn't in toys, guest column, June 9

Educate children about gun safety

I'll never understand how some people in our society relegate the responsibility of human behavior onto an inanimate object made of metal and wood.

Guest columnist C.D. Chamberlain's concern for the safety of our children regarding firearm deaths is most certainly laudable. His column began with the anticipation of discussing real solutions for these terrible tragedies, but then sadly deteriorated into nothing more than unrealistic antigun rhetoric.

Mr. Chamberlain's sarcastic answer for ending these deaths is to ban ammunition for all firearms. Gee, as simple as that! I'll admit it's a different and humorous spin by the antigun establishment, however, as usual, it is void of any positive substance.

The statistics regarding the daily deaths of children by firearms do not change the fact that in order for minors to possess these firearms, a violation of law occurred. Either the child stole the gun from somewhere or an adult gun owner did not properly lock up the firearm.

I realize there are rare cases of adults who knowingly give or sell a gun to a minor — acts which are obviously illegal. It comes as no surprise that folks with strong antigun sentiments blame the gun for these tragedies. They do not hold responsible the minor or adult whose illegal behavior actually led to the gun deaths. Instead they focus on the gun and the familiar call for its confiscation. Mr. Chamberlain would have us do away with the bullet.

Quite frankly, a serious discussion such as children and gun deaths should be addressed to all segments of our society, and not merely used as a rallying cry for the antigun establishment. Ridiculous verbiage such as banning all ammo will only serve to alienate the millions of firearm owners in the country, thus accomplishing nothing.

Continually improving our efforts to educate our children about firearms at an early age will produce more significant results than this type of pointless posturing. The senseless and tragic death of a child resulting from the stealing or illegal purchase of a firearm is certainly a legitimate concern for our society. Perhaps these concerns have more to do with values and the respect for life.

No one person has all the answers. Mr. Chamberlain's input is valued, Nevertheless, as a supporter of our Second Amendment, I take strong exception to his approach.

Jerry Blomgren, New Port Richey

Re: Pierogi Guy feels the heat, story, May 15

Pierogi Guy a welcome sight

Which would you rather see along Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard on the way to Clearwater Beach? Hookers? Drug dealers and users? Vagrants? Or the Pierogi Guy?

I think the tourists and Clearwater citizens would rather see the Pierogi Guy!

Jim Ponticelli, Clearwater

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