Sunday, December 17, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Elect candidates who will promote plan for Hernando to train its own workers

Building a workforce | Sept. 3, article

Training school idea needs leaders

The writers make it sound like Jeff Roth the owner of Chasco Machine and Manufacturing and Michael McHugh, the county business development manager, are the only two people concerned about training workers here in Hernando County.

Mr. McHugh is correct in his assessment concerning the need for the education and training needed here in the county. He is working hard to get the school administrators and the county administration to do something about the problem. However, he is not the only one that is concerned about this problem.

The School Board and the current county commissioners can't think of anything except cutting their budgets. That is why we must elect people who are willing to step forward and promote programs that help the people here in Hernando County. We must look for ways to provide this type of education and training so this county can grow. The developers of this area have done nothing but create a bedroom community. In doing so our younger generation must leave the county to get the education and training. Once they leave they don't return. They go on to other locations where they can earn a decent wage.

We have a chance to elect people willing to look for creative ideas to finance this type of training and education. I have attended several candidate forums and, so far, I have only heard two candidates say anything about the need for these programs. Candidate Arlene Glantz has been actively working on this very subject. She deserves credit for moving forward on this problem even though she is not a member of the current county administration.

Harvey Martin, Spring Hill

Red light crashes can be serious | Sept. 2, letter

Practice caution at traffic lights

I had to agree with the letter writer regarding the dangers of running red lights.

The case going to court is not about whether a red light was driven through, but a matter of the driver who is to blame. A vehicle isn't guilty of a crime, but the driver is. The case is to determine that a driver, but perhaps not the vehicle's owner, was the one who drove through the light. If you lend your car to a neighbor and they barrel through a red light, at this time, you the owner will be given a ticket. That isn't fair. The case is to make that point.

If the city of Brooksville is going to use red-light cameras, it needs to monitor the rolling right turns, too. I see more people totally disregard the law on right-turn-on-red than I see blowing through intersections.

The law reads that a driver may turn right on a red signal after coming to a complete stop and yielding the right-of-way to all pedestrians and other traffic. It also covers stopping before entering the cross walk. Bike riders and pedestrians are completely disregarded by most drivers wanting to turn right on red signals or from stop signs, too.

People roll through the right turns, see some traffic approaching and stop to avoid a collision. Unfortunately for them, the car that behind them, doing the rolling-red-light turn also, doesn't stop in time and the first driver gets rear-ended. Spring Hill Drive at U.S. 19 is a perfect example.

Thirty seconds for safety is a good investment.

Larry Franklin, Spring Hill

Close encounter with 'angry white guy' at theater | Sept. 1, Barbara Fredricksen column

Hippies caused social unrest

In Ms. Fredricksen's Sept. 1 column, she mentioned after the '50s and '60s review at the Show Palace Dinner Theatre she was approached by an "angry white man" who stated basically the hippies in the show caused all the problems in the '60s. She stated she grew up in the '60s and they weren't the problem.

After I got out of the U.S. Navy I went on the New York Police Department and was stationed in Manhattan. Perhaps Ms. Fredricksen should have spent my first five years (1968-73) as an officer taking time away from the safety of the citizens. That was because all we did was respond to demonstrations where we had to dodge plastic bags of urine being thrown from roof tops.

We watched as colleges had windows broken and were covered in graffiti. When they got out of hand the mounted unit would arrive because walking horses through the crowd would help break it up. But alas these gentle people found a way to handle that. They threw marbles on the ground causing the horses to fall and one even fractured his leg.

I'm sure you're sad the hippies are no more but you still have the occupiers. Now I ask Ms. Fredricksen one big favor and please answer me in the next column. Would she have used the same phrase if it was a black man?

Gene Huber, Spring Hill

Policies led to our trade downfall

If you're old enough, you know the real cause of today's economic ills — it was the foreign trade policies of the 1960s which led to the destruction of the U.S. manufacturing base.

The beginning of the end for our economy was allowing the importation of Japanese vehicles. In the early 1960s, Japan began exporting motorcycles to the U.S. By the end of the 1960s, building on its overwhelming success, Japan exported automobiles to this country.

Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were in the White House at the time, so it was supposed pro-union Democratic presidents who set the wheels in motion for the takeover of American industry.

Richard Golden, San Antonio


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