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Endless war on terror has wasted lives and money

Returning vets deserve our embrace | guest column, Nov. 11

We need to end the wars and soon

Guest columnist Bob Loring mentions that "many of our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are facing down a dangerous and capable foe." As far as I'm concerned, the most dangerous foe that currently exists is our own government, which continues to send our service men and women to fight a hopeless war. And in doing so, too many troops are coming home either in a body bag or mentally and/or physically disabled.

My sincere hope (even though unrealistic) is that this will be the last Veterans Day that we, as a nation, will be welcoming home troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Haven't we wasted enough time, money and human lives on this endless war against terror?

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Schools rethink dropout problem | story, Nov. 11

No GEDs before age of eligibility

Too many times students find high school to be a lot of work and boring so they decide to just drop out and get a GED. That option should not be available to them until after they would have been eligible to graduate.

Marcia Palmeri, Largo

Leave garbage decision to us

As a resident of unincorporated Palm Harbor, I do not need or want the Pinellas County government dictating to me regarding who I choose for my garbage collection. I am very satisfied with my current service. They are courteous, efficient, responsive to my needs, and their rates are extremely reasonable and very competitive.

Why would I want Pinellas government to interfere with my choice to choose my garbage service? I am sure Pinellas County officials will pick who they want at the rate they feel is justified for the county's pocket!

Enough government interference! Write, e-mail, fax, etc. Tell your officials you are against Pinellas County mandatory garbage collection.

Maria Hoffman, Palm Harbor

Concrete divider poses a hazard

A concrete divider has been installed in Largo on Walsingham Road where it ends at Seminole Boulevard. This divider makes it impossible for traffic exiting the Winn-Dixie parking lot heading east to turn left. The only option for this traffic is to use the Seminole Boulevard exit and head south. If they want to drive north on Seminole Boulevard they must execute a U-turn.

People driving east on Walsingham Road cannot make a left into the parking lot. They must either execute a U-turn at Seminole Boulevard or turn left onto Seminole Boulevard and left across traffic to the other entrance.

An elderly gentleman was pushing a grocery cart into oncoming traffic in the middle of the road this morning as he couldn't get across the Walsingham Road divider.

An overwhelming number of people use the Walsingham Road entrance and exit in order to avoid the traffic on Seminole Boulevard. The neighborhood supports a large senior population and this divider is going to cause problems for many of them along with an increase in accidents. Please reconsider the placement of this divider.

Margaret Adam, Largo

A musical chance of showers in Largo | story, Nov. 1

'Singin' in Rain,' cast a delight

Just wanted to share that I went to the matinee of Singin' in the Rain at the Eight O'Clock Theatre and your article coincided with the entertainment that everyone enjoyed. Thank you for the great pictures that were printed.

A standing ovation was given when the show ended and the cast went to the lobby to express gratitude to the audience with smiles and handshakes. This impressed me that a cast would do this.

So, thank you, Eight O'Clock Theatre, for providing professional and personal entertainment.

Carol Szazynski, Clearwater

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