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Everyone benefits from school taxes, even the childless

No taxation for those with no kids | May 21 letter

Pay school taxes that help us all

In reading the letter regarding not wanting to pay school taxes because the writer has no kids in the school system, I find it quite sad that he sees this as a problem.

As homeowners we already get homestead that keeps our taxes lower. Our children are our future. Maybe he would rather put the money into a nursing home fund. Both my husband and I, as well as our two older children, pay into Social Security. We may not get to use it, since it may not be there by the time we need it.

This is life. Our two younger ones attend middle school and high school. Stop complaining and enjoy the time you have. We get what we give. You do receive benefits from this. Children who grow up to be doctors to take care of your health. Children who grow up to be firefighters and police officers to protect you and your home. Children who grow up to care for others no matter how the other person views life.

I pity the writer. I guess the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" is not in his mind.

Darlene Salamone, New Port Richey

Education is more than a gift

I was dismayed and appalled after reading the letter writer's suggestion that only those with children should pay taxes for education.

He argues that since he doesn't have kids, he shouldn't have to foot their bill because he doesn't directly benefit. He argues that education is a gift that parents should bestow only on their own kids. No one should consider education a gift. As Americans wanting to be a strong an intelligent nation, we should all consider education a mandate.

I wonder if the writer has ever expressed frustration after getting the wrong change back after paying a bill, or if he's ever scoffed at a person and asked "Can't you read?" Saying that educating children is a parent's individual duty is denying that education is a social responsibility and that the benefits are reaped by all members of a society, whether they have children or not.

Remember, the children we are educating today could be serving you, working along side you, or employing you tomorrow. By the way, I also do not have children.

Christina Partin, New Port Richey

Good memory is not forte of Pasco's top GOP panel | C.T. Bowen column, May 21

This Republican sees GOP faults

Mr. Bowen's column on the hesitancy of the Pasco county GOP Executive Committee is not only on the mark but also short of the mark.

A rank-and-file Republican would cringe if exposed to the conduct of their ill-defined leadership. Attendance at an executive committee meeting would cause an adherent to believe that GOP stands for Guns Over People.

The committee is stacked with devout adherents of the NRA, the Second Amendment Club and sycophants who march in lockstep with the dictatorial conduct of the immediate past chairman, Bill Bunting. Even the newly elected chair, Randy Maggard, is yet to step away from Mr. Bunting and exhibit real leadership. His silence is deafening.

My attitude is both universal and parochial. I filed for election to this committee. I have spent 40-plus years of my existence in loyal and hard-working support of the Republican ideals. I was a chairman in New York state, a fundraiser for many candidates, a campaign chair in a congressional race. In the 2008 primary, I ran second in a four-man race and was certified by the Pasco County Board of Elections. That meant nothing to Mr. Bunting and Mr. Maggard.

At the organizational meeting after the election, I was simply denied my seat. I petitioned Mr. Maggard for an explanation and a correction of this egregious denial. I filed a formal complaint with the Florida GOP. The response from then to now is silence. My seat in Pasco County Precinct 118 was filled by a Bill Bunting fan who had finished last in the precinct voting.

Wake up, Republicans of Pasco County. Your official organization is packed with firearms zealots who seem to put gun ownership and concealed weapons permits ahead of supporting and electing good citizens who would represent us.

Do I deny the rights of the Second Amendment to the Constitution? My answer is an emphatic "no!" Do I repudiate the fanatical (and yes, radical) majority of the Pasco GOP that demands firearms allegiance before political beliefs? My answer is "yes and always!"

Thank you, Mr. Bowen, for focusing on the myopic and dictatorial attitude of the leadership and the prejudiced majority in the Pasco County GOP organization of the political party that I revere. After all, I have been a Republican for about 30 years longer than Bill Bunting, whose roots are in New York City Democratic politics.

Robert B. Ryan, Bayonet Point

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