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Examine origins of the precinct challenge

Re: Foes try to oust Pasco GOP chairman June 28 story

Examine origins of the challenge

Any stance I took concerning Wal-Mart was what I thought was best for Beacon Woods, not for Wal-Mart. As it turns out, most Beacon Woods residents are happy saving gas and appreciate the sidewalks.

When I took office as president of the BWCA, the two prior administrations had spent over $22,000 of Beacon Woods homeowners' money fighting Wal-Mart. Dan Meahl was president for part of that time. A land use lawyer in Tampa told us that Wal-Mart has a legal right to access to Beacon Woods Drive. It wasn't right to keep spending homeowners' money trying to fight it. I thought we should make the best deal we could. It all worked out fine.

The Ron Paul people have an agenda to get themselves elected as delegates to nominate Ron Paul from the floor of the convention and, in effect, overturn the popular vote. We did what was necessary to preserve the integrity and unity of the committee during this critical period and preserve the voice of the people from those who want to subvert it.

Bill and I have worked very hard for the Republican Party. Bill is the only chairman of the Pasco Republican Party ever to have appeared before the County Commission and fight against tax increases. Bill has raised more money than ever before. We work many, many hours for what we believe is right. The people who are challenging us in our precinct have never even attended a meeting, never volunteered in the office and never donated to the Pasco Republican Party. If anyone has questions, call us at (727Z) 862-1063.

Ann Bunting, Hudson

Re: Arctic drilling may reduce U.S. gas prices | June 26 guest column

Use the oil in our own back yard

After reading Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's guest column, I thought of all the people who would reply by saying that drilling off the coast of Florida would be a terrible thing. To them I would ask the simple question: Why not?

Why is it that countries like Norway can drill off their coast and still have a beautiful coastline? Why is it that many European countries can have safe nuclear power?

Those who don't want drilling off the Florida coast say it will hurt tourism, but with oil now at more than $140 a barrel and gas prices inching ever higher, who will be able to afford to visit Florida? These same people don't even want us to drill in Anwar, and we're not talking about the entire region, only 0.01 percent of the region.

What is the solution of the Democrats? Well, you have some who want to impose an additional 50-cent tax on a gallon of gas to get us to drive less, and some want to impose a windfall profit tax on the oil company. And who do you think will end up paying for that tax? We will pay for it at the pump.

I am not saying that drilling is the only answer. We also should be promoting alternative sources of energy, but in the meantime we should get the oil from our back yard rather than from foreign countries. Those who are against drilling, I don't want to hear you complaining about $4 gas; after all it's partly your fault we're in this mess in the first place.

Peter Stathis, Spring Hill

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