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Fasano opponent clouds the truth

A cash-paved path to Senate Sept. 7 article

Fasano opponent clouds the truth

I was disappointed reading the latest article about Sen. Mike Fasano's opponent in the upcoming general election. As is typical of this time of year, candidate Fred Taylor is throwing mud at Sen. Fasano for raising money for his re-election.

I find it ironic that Mr. Taylor would accuse Sen. Fasano of taking money from special interests when he himself has taken over $40,000 from the Florida Democratic Party. Where does he think that money comes from? It is not from a tree at the Kennedy compound; it is from lobbyists and special-interest groups.

Pat Rague, Port Richey

First the letter, then the finger-pointing | Sept. 7 C.T. Bowen column

Fasano erred in writing letter

Unfortunately, it appears that Sen. Mike Fasano opened his mouth before his brain was in gear. As a politician, one would think he'd be more aware of the law. At any rate, if he wanted his voice heard, there's nothing like a letter to the editor. The horrendous wrongs perpetrated against Eloise Mudway, of which the Clancys are accused, will now have to be put on hold, or may never resurface. To halt a trial in these days of crowded dockets, not to mention the terrific cost to the taxpayers, is unconscionable.

Sen. Fasano should continue his concerns for our residents, but keeping a keen eye on what method to use.

Lilyan Dayton, New Port Richey

Fasano should know better

Sen. Fasano, is smart enough to know that a letter to a sitting judge about a pending case is an automatic mistrial. I haven't figured out why he wanted the mistrial. I cannot think of any case where any politician has the right to correspond with a judge pertaining to a pending case.

The correct thing for the senator to do was to contact the state attorney. Maybe Senator Fasano should reimburse the Pasco Circuit Court system for the cost of the case, as he knowingly and intentionally disrupted the court system.

James A. Eddy, Zephyrhills

Make Fasano pay cost of the trial

How much did Sen. Fasano's letter cost the public and the judicial system by causing a mistrial?

I strongly suggest that Sen. Fasano cover the cost. Being the caring individual that he is, I'm sure he doesn't want to cause the taxpayers more expense because of his outrageous behavior.

The legislative branch of the government should leave the judicial branch of the government to do its job.

Tim Everett, Port Richey

Locker room thefts shameful

To the cowards who ransacked the Mitchell High School varsity and junior varsity locker room between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 4: I hope you are proud of yourselves. Cell phones, sunglasses, shoes, money and dignity were taken.

One of the victims of this theft is my son Bobby Ashley-Brandt who is an Explorer with the Pasco Sheriff's Office. He had collected cards of the deputies he has met; they are not replaceable and of no use to the thieves. Also taken was a Busch Gardens pass and his driving permit, which are replaceable, but of no use to any one else; some lifesaving medical information, the name and type of artificial lens he has due to his lens being shattered by a paint ball last year.

This year it was required for every football player to donate $200 to the team before the first game.

Bobby has worked the past 10 weekends with his dad to save up that money that he makes in tips. On Thursday, he brought the $200 to give to the coach. He was so proud that he earned it all himself.

The thieves took that. With times as hard as they are for everyone, it will be a hardship to replace that money.

The first junior varsity game is Thursday. That is when the money is due. He may not be able to play because of this.

To the parents of these thieves, if you notice your children have new things that they did not have last Wednesday, it might be a good idea to find out where they came from.

What a disgrace. These boys practice outside in the heat every day trying to represent their school and this is the thanks they get!

Debi Brandt-Ashley, New Port Richey

Legal options in smear campaign

The primary was barely over when I had to pack my bags to go to the Republican National Convention.

I just got back and would like to thank all of my supporters for helping to elect me as Republican state committeeman for Pasco County, including Gov. Charlie Crist along with our congressional delegation here in Pasco.

I'm humbled by so many people making phone calls, walking precincts, and being at the polls on Election Day.

I know my opponents ran a vicious and malicious campaign, and people have asked me about whether I am pursuing legal action. The answer is that I will pursue any legal remedies available to me. I have posted a letter of explanation of the incidents referred to on those mailers on my campaign Web site:

The results of this campaign prove that at least if you run a clean, positive campaign, and stand on a record of accomplishments, you can win at the polls in spite of attacks and smears. I hope that is what we see in the upcoming elections.

Bill Bunting, Bayonet Point

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