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FCAT scores are a credit to Nature Coast High so leave school alone

Changes will hurt high school

The FCAT writing scores at Nature Coast Technical High School are up. That's right. Those dreaded FCAT tests that anyone who has a child in a Florida school has to contend with. That horribly stressful week of making sure we eat a healthy breakfast and get a good night's sleep, because if we don't, our score could suffer.

The 10th-grade classes at NCT were well-nourished and rested. The school had 88 percent score 3.5 or higher, an increase over last year's percentage by 3 percent. It also crushed the state average of 77 percent.

NCT has placed itself atop the other three county high schools that all had lower writing scores this year vs. last. Perhaps the real exciting thing is how dominant NCT's scores were overall. Of the 53 students in the county to score a 5.5 in the FCAT writing module, over half (27), were NCT students. The county had 34 students score a 6.0 and 17 of those are enrolled at NCT as well.

So with all these great things going on at NCT, it makes me ask the question, why all the changes?

I mean, it's a real shame that NCT's assessment coordinator Noreen Scheeler has been told that her position is being cut next year. It is largely due to her hard work and dedication to our students that they are achieving such high levels of success. Principal Tizzy Schoelles and assistant principal Joy Greene have been reassigned for the next school year as well.

It would seem to me that changes need to be made when the data says that changes need to be made. So with this in mind, what data is our county superintendant and School Board looking at? Let's use Hernando High School as the model. The principal and entire administration had been changed going into this year. The results: a drop in FCAT writing scores by an average of 6 percent, and they trail the state's average scores by a stunning 16 percent.

Is this what our School Board and their leader are trying to accomplish at NCT? I would hope not.

When this is over and those who shouldn't be on the School Board are not, and superintendent Wayne Alexander has relocated to Massachusetts, it will be too late. The damage will have been done permanently. So let's stop this repeated destructive behavior and allow NCT to flourish untouched. It will be then that we can concentrate on helping the other schools in our county improve and excel.

Jay Feret, Spring Hill

Reverse 911 call was called for

I was upset to see on Bay News 9 Sunday morning that there has been a man driving around school bus stops trying to pick up children; apparently this has been going on now over a month. He was spotted on my grandchildren's street. If it weren't for the bus driver alerting my daughter in-law about it, she would have not known about the danger of her children possibly being abducted. Thanks to the alert and caring bus driver she found out and can keep a lookout.

My question to Sheriff Richard Nugent is, why wasn't a reverse 911 call made so we could be aware and possibly help catch this man before he hurts an innocent child? I have received calls when an elderly person was missing, why is this not as important?

It is the responsibility of the Sheriff's Office to inform the public when there is such a danger present. If more citizens were aware, then we possibly could have helped put this man behind bars where he belongs, and before a tragedy happens. Please, we need to protect our precious children; a reverse 911 should have been put into effect after his first attempt to solicit a child.

I made a call to the Sheriff's Office asking why there had not been a reverse 911, and a sergeant was kind enough to explain that it did not meet the requirements to put the 911 into action because a crime had not been committed yet. It is not against the law to offer children a ride. They did not have the manpower or capability to put it into effect so they put it out to the media to alert the citizens.

Why hasn't the Hernando Times reported it? A reverse 911 call would have alerted a lot more people.

Teri Salzer Brooksville

Superintendent has hurt schools

Every morning that I look at the front page of the Hernando section of the newspaper, I expect to see in large letters, "Dr. Alexander gone.''

The article would state that he was relieved of his duties immediately for breaking his contract on more than one occasion. His Gestapo-like tactics could no longer be tolerated by our elected officials. He threw the entire school district into a disorganized quagmire just to prove his authority.

How can our teachers, some of whom have proved themselves by many years of service, perform when they are subjected to the whims of this self-righteous dictator? Why don't the three School Board members hear the uproar in this community and join the two sensible members and dump Alexander? They had better learn they are serving their last term as any kind of elected officials if they don't see the light and see it soon.

Philip Strmensky, Brooksville

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FCAT scores are a credit to Nature Coast High so leave school alone 05/04/09 [Last modified: Monday, May 4, 2009 5:32pm]
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