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Fire Chief Geer should be let go

Fire Chief Geer should be let go

Over the past several months, I have watched as morale continues to plummet in the Clearwater Fire Department. After watching numerous legal battles costing Clearwater taxpayers three-quarters of a million dollars, I am amazed as to how Chief Jamie Geer continues to have a job.

In addition, now it appears the department's standing has slipped, with the deferral of its accreditation, services to areas of Clearwater being reduced, and it seems some members of the current administration can't even do what is necessary to make sure employees get paid the money they have fairly earned.

These are not issues spurred on by grievance, lawsuit or union saber rattling. These problems are bred by incompetence and lack of leadership.

What dismays me even further is that Geer apparently does not even want to be in Clearwater. He has applied to open chief positions in other departments and has surfaced as a finalist for the job in Charleston, S.C.

It is time for Geer to be removed as chief of the Clearwater Fire Department. His lack of leadership, horrid treatment of firefighters, disregard for the collective bargaining agreement, federally recognized sexual discrimination and the utter waste of taxpayer money in losing legal battles all warrant immediate removal.

Mark Treglio, Florida Professional Firefighters, Jacksonville

Re: No ticket after deputy admits drinking, driving story, Sept. 25

No wonder respect for laws is slipping

I guess rules of the road only apply to the residents. Why?

I'm sure the Pinellas sheriff's sergeant has opened a can of worms by neglecting to do his sworn duty and to keep the roads safe for one and all.

Can you even imagine a bum urinating on the side of the road, much less a law enforcement officer like the Pasco deputy did?

And we wonder why people have lost respect for the law when those in charge fail to uphold it. That same Pinellas officer would probably "throw the book" at anyone else who did what the Pasco sheriff's deputies did.

We can't disregard the rules and not pay the price for our crime, no matter who did the crime.

Maybe a month or two of suspension without pay would wake up the Pinellas officer.

People are crying for jobs just to survive, and these men have jobs and are throwing them away. How sad.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Fire Chief Geer should be let go 09/29/08 [Last modified: Friday, October 3, 2008 7:25pm]
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