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Firefighters union is trying to scare us

Re: Spring Hill Fire referendum

Firefighter union trying to scare us

I am frightened. If we vote ''yes,'' we keep Spring Hill Fire Board commissioners who put down Spring Hill citizens and rubber stamp the union firefighter requests. If we vote ''no,'' the Spring Hill Fire Board will be dissolved and I, as a Spring Hill resident, can go before the Hernando County commissioners and be treated with respect and allowed to request oversight on the excessive spending of Spring Hill Fire Department.

I really want to be able to have voice, be heard, treated with respect and get a reduction in spending. The signs the union paid for that say vote ''yes'' and keep your Spring Hill Fire District are a fear tactic. The opposite of save is lose, implying Spring Hill residents won't have fire and rescue service. That is not true. It's really scary to me that anyone would dare threaten us with loss of fire and rescue protection. The firefighters union really scares me. Please dissolve the Spring Hill Fire Board by voting ''no.''

Joan Lynch Spring Hill

True leadership is what we need now

I have talked to a few older residents in the area and they are not sure how to vote. They read the paper and hear the propaganda put out by the Spring Hill Fire Rescue District and read their signs all over town and are confused which way to vote.

The county commissioners said they had been keeping quiet about this vote because they didn't want to be perceived as wanting one or the other. This is a bunch of bull. The people in our community look up to these commissioners as being leaders of the community. The commissioners need to step up to the plate. We could care less what their personal opinion is, but they need to tell the community the facts.

If I vote "yes" will my taxes increase and how much? If I vote "no" will they increase? I have reviewed the feasibility study and no firefighter will loose his or her job, and we won't lose our equipment if we vote "no." If these are the facts, then what, or should I say whom, is preventing these leaders from stating so?

Our county commissioners should not be allowed to stick their heads in the sand or pretend nothing is happening.

Walter Searle, Spring Hill

Let's move ahead on fire services

The issue of independence for the Spring Hill Fire District has taken a number of unusual twists and turns recently.

Prior to October 2000, to say that fire rescue services offered in the county were a mishmash of services would be considered by most a compliment. The combining of the six separate fire departments and the creation of an ambulance transport service created a seamless and complete service for the county.

When the Spring Hill Fire Rescue District was created in January 1974, the taxpayers of Spring Hill voted to fund a fire service to exceed the services offered by the county. No wonder, based on the services available from the county in 1974. That was then. This is now.

We're equal. We keep hearing that. Both services are equally trained and equipped, both services have a 3 rating as a public protection classification from the International Organization for Standardization, no one can argue that. This referendum is about one thing and one thing only — who will provide oversight: the Board of Fire Commissioners or the County Commission. That's all.

Spring Hill Fire Rescue would continue to operate exactly as it does today except Spring Hill residents would realize: borderless service; consolidated dispatch, saving time, lives and money; closest unit response, something we don't have now; removal of a layer of government (Spring Hill Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners); stringent financial control; accountability to our elected Board of County Commissioners; shared use of all resources and training materials; and savings because of the reduction in duplication of administrative services.

Our equipment stays in Spring Hill and the same tax rate we pay now stays

It's time to move forward, a time for change. The best way that we can change is to remove the Spring Hill Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners and replace it with the Board of County Commissioners. Vote "no'' to support this change.

David Green, Spring Hill

Firefighters union is trying to scare us 10/21/08 [Last modified: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 6:56pm]
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