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Forget bus, light rail; try monorail in Pinellas County

Speak up on mass transit editorial, April 29

Forget bus, light rail; try monorail

The light rail system being proposed is a complete waste of money.

I don't see any good point that I would give up my car for. It's not faster, it is not more convenient. Taking up one lane of road for the empty buses will make traffic worse. Most of the time there are fewer than five passengers on the buses I see.

The buses get you to a neighborhood, not necessarily to your destination. The light rail cars have to stop at all crossings, or the other traffic has to stop. How does that help congestion?

Our county is not laid out for an efficient bus system. There are very few big destinations. Buses will not help get cars off the road if people won't use them.

A monorail system could be built above the Pinellas Trail, with stations about 5 miles apart, with minivans at each station that you could call to come to your home to pick you up and with another at your destination if needed. The monorail could go plus or minus 70 mph. If there were no passengers at a station, they would not stop.

This would take cars off the road. People would use it. If I could get to St. Petersburg or the airport in less time than driving and not have to park my car, it would be foolish not to use it.

But to spend a fortune on a 100-year-old system that very few people would use is a waste of taxpayer money.

Edwin K. Sabala, Belleair

School language not for the pious

I read with dismay that the city manager of our "Delightful Dunedin" has removed piping director Sandy Keith from his position as a result of an incident at the tattoo. I think this action is premature. There must be more facts to consider and this might just be the result of someone with an ax to grind.

Mr. Keith has done so much for our students in his three decades of devotion to our musical Scottish heritage. So now a committee will find a new one. This man is not easily replaced, and I think this illustrious city manager does not even know the true score.

My children were in the Dunedin schools, two in the bands. Even in the 1970s when I complained at the office about students using bad language, I was told by the middle school vice principal that if I was going to be around young people, I needed to get used to the language.

Of course, now the Pinellas School Board plays monkey see-monkey do and will not keep him, which is a tragic loss to the students. This School Board needs to realize that what Mr. Keith did is small compared to some actions over the years by teachers who still have their jobs.

Jeanne Huntington, Dunedin

Good memories of Sandy Keith

I think Dunedin has made a big mistake by firing Sandy Keith after all he has done the past 28 years keeping the Scottish traditions alive in Dunedin and always ready with the band when the city asked him for big or small performances. I think he deserves better than what the city has done to him.

My son and daughter have come up through the schools and are now in the city band, and both have learned a lot over the years from Mr. Keith. Also, my grandsons now have had the experience of Mr. Keith to help them.

My husband and I have always thought he was the best.

Mavis Street, Dunedin

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Forget bus, light rail; try monorail in Pinellas County 04/29/09 [Last modified: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 7:32pm]
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