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Foster should not loosen St. Petersburg's police chase policy

Foster promises to earn respect Nov. 4, story

Chase rules should not be loosened

Although I do not live in St. Petersburg and could not vote in the recent election, the election of the victor sends chills down my spine due to his vow to "relax the Police Department's no-chase policy by granting officers greater authority over when to chase criminals, a position police Chief Chuck Harmon declared unsafe and unnecessary."

Most progressive cities have long ago realized the high cost of the high-speed chase and placed strict restraints on it. The latest technologies make it totally unnecessary.

How often have we read of innocent drivers being killed or maimed as the result of an officer's adrenalin surge in pursuing a minor offender? The new mayor should heed the experienced advice of his police chief!

My grave concern is for my two precious grandsons who attend college and work in St. Petersburg. Please, Mr. Foster, reconsider your proclaimed vow to show such lack of concern for innocent drivers in St. Petersburg.

Grace Erdman, Belleair Bluffs

Flowers says Foster support forced fallout | Nov. 8, story

No one should give up independence

Sandra Gadsden's article describing the dismissal of Rene Flowers from three Democrat-sponsored organizations for supporting Bill Foster, a Republican, in the St. Petersburg mayoral race is shocking.

I'm a three-fourths Republican, but disagree with some of my party's official stands. I cannot imagine being asked to sign away my independence of thought by agreeing to vote Republican in every election. Voting for the best-qualified candidate is our mandate as Americans.

Wake up, for crying out loud. Use some God-given common sense! Hooray for Rene Flowers. Who needs those organizations anyway?

Edwin Ashurst, St. Petersburg

1 newcomer to join council Nov. 4, story

Kornell's sexual orientation not news

We are ashamed that the article's blurb had Steve Kornell's name and stated that he was the first openly gay council member elected in St. Petersburg.

We did not know what his sexual preference was, nor did we care. There was no reference to any other council member that was elected as to their being heterosexual. News is supposed to be relevant. Kornell's sexual orientation is not.

Beverly and Ira Mitlin, St. Petersburg

Pinellas Park wants no part of fire service fracas | Nov. 8, story

What will burn as two areas bicker?

Why are we letting Lealman "bully" us in Kenneth City? Hurray to Pinellas Park for wanting to stay out of it. That shows who has the most brains.

Lealman should take the anger issues they developed over those 10 annexed properties and find other ways to make their budget positive. Bullying your neighbors is not the way. And even going so far as to bully the neighbor that wants to help by saying they are "shortchanging" their own residents by helping Kenneth City is pretty low.

If Kenneth City can't help itself properly or get proper help, then who will that affect in the end? Is there something wrong with Pinellas Park that we're not being told? When it comes down to it, it's not politics at stake, it's people's lives. If all of us in Kenneth City start burning out of control, then who will it spread to?

Tina McCasland, Kenneth City

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