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Friday letters: The F lorida Legislature seems clueless

Florida Legislature seems clueless

One would be hard pressed to find a more clueless state legislature than the one we have here in Florida. The Times printed multiple articles on Wednesday that left me with an upset stomach after having consumed my morning coffee and doughnut. Where does one begin to point out the outrage?

At a time when lawmakers were working on a final budget that should be showing fiscal restraint, we instead got a plethora of pork-barrel projects that reflect a total cluelessness on behalf of their proponents. I'm sure that many of these same politicians have expressed outrage over federal pork-barrel spending. I guess their spending concerns are different.

The Florida Senate is making it clear that it's payback time regarding the lack of a rate increase to benefit utilities. They should just cut to the chase and have the utility companies recommend the people they want on the Public Service Commission. The Senate then could approve those nominees, saving time and blather concerning how the commission lacks expertise and diversity.

Finally, like a bad penny, former House Speaker Ray Sansom keeps coming back up in Tallahassee. Do House members really need to publicly stand up and praise him for his three months of leadership? Were they the only residents in this state not aware of his ethically challenged transgressions?

Cluelessness and arrogance reigns in Tallahassee. Will it ever get any better?

Michael Savino, Seminole

His interests, not the state's April 28, editorial

Say no to the GOP

It's true, Sen. J.D. Alexander was not elected statewide, will be in office for two more years and has shamelessly orchestrated the passage of bills that hurt not just the Tampa Bay area but the whole state. But we do have a say in this.

We can't vote him out of office, but we can strip him of his power. How? Just say no to any Republican candidate. They're the ones who gave him his power. Yes, they've gerrymandered the district lines so it's nearly impossible to kick a legislator out of office, but they've hurt the average citizen so badly in the past two years, it's time to say, enough is enough, vote them out of office and pass the Fair District Amendments 5 and 6, so this situation can never happen again regardless of which party is in power.

Ignore their lofty PR campaigns and just vote against any Republican candidate so we can take back our state from big business interests and move our state and country forward.

Bill Hammond, Clearwater

Why is GOP the perpetual target? April 28, letter

Leftist slant is evident

This letter caught my eye, and I found it to be so precise. I have grown very passionate toward my party recently, and find the St. Petersburg Times editorials to be so one-sided. The bashing of the conservative party is out of control. I would appreciate, as would all of my colleagues, a more balanced opinion in your editorials, as the leftist slant is very evident. And we would like more honest reporting.

Unless I am way out in the dark, and the dozens of people I am in contact with daily are as well, more needs to be said with regard to our nation's heading in the wrong direction, with out-of-control spending, and growing out-of-control government, along with losing all of our freedoms!

Greg Reardon, Dunedin

Career politician's ignorance, hypocrisy April 26, editorial

A good man maligned

Whoa! Your extremist personal attack on Hillsborough County Commissioner Jim Norman is beyond reason and fairness, far exceeding your usual left-wing rants. For all the reasons you cite, Jim is and has been and will continue to be an outstanding public servant. Like a rock, Jim has been a constant force for prudent budgeting that has prevented a budgetary black hole in Hillsborough County where the millage rate has declined every year he has been in office.

Unlike you, he sees and speaks the truth about the disastrous health care plan passed by a desperate Democrat Congress against the will of the people. Yes, it is a giant step on the road to serfdom, socialism, whatever! I may differ with Jim on a few issues, but he understands our county far better than your editorial writer. No one has walked more neighborhoods or talked to more voters.

You call him out for his career in elected office, yet you ignore that Barack Obama has a similar profile. You owe an apology to a good man who represents us well — and to your readers for your excess.

Kenneth S. Hoyt, Tampa

Career politician's ignorance, hypocrisy April 26, editorial

Health care ignorance

Congratulations to the St. Petersburg Times for calling out Hillsborough Commissioner Jim Norman for his reckless and baseless charge of "socialism" regarding the new health reform law.

Anyone with an IQ higher than a head of lettuce knows or should know that there is no new government program in the new law. The public option was removed from both Senate and House versions before it became law. Also, a discussion of an optional Medicare buy-in for those 55 to 64 never even made it into either bill.

While the new health reform law creates a Patients' Bill of Rights for all Americans and covers 32 million who don't currently have health insurance, it also gives the private insurance companies millions of new customers.

Private companies getting millions of new customers sounds like capitalism to me, not socialism.

Frank Lupo, St. Petersburg

Go figure | April 28

A matter of interest

It is much easier to figure how fast an investment will grow by using the old method: Divide 72 by the investment percent return; the answer is in years. For example, at a 3 percent return it will take 24 years to double your investment.

Charles Huhtanen, Port Richey

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