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Friday's letters: Inventor's determination is lesson to all

Her vision was a simple fix | Dec. 6

Inventor's energy is lesson to all

Inventor Nancy Tedeschi deserves admiration for her business acumen and tenacity in successfully developing a unique, everyday product. Her relentless efforts show what is great about living in America.

Her quote — "I have zero mechanical ability but get obsessed figuring out a better way to do something that's hard" — should be the rallying cry for the way our public officials tackle today's economic problems.

We as a country need more individuals like Tedeschi to throw their hat, or their "SnapIt," into the political ring. Use that same energy and make the needed changes to get our country back on its feet.

Mike Merino, Tampa

Last resort | Nov. 27

Quality and value

The recent Times article about families without options focused primarily on the Mosley Motel in St. Petersburg. However, as part of the article, you also imply that InTown Suites is part of a group of hotels that cater to undesirable guests and are somehow "cheap motels of last resort."

To the contrary, InTown Suites offers an affordable lodging option for a variety of extended-stay guests. These include tourists, business travelers, commercial construction workers, and certainly those in between homes or those going through some type of life transition. Because we fit the needs of this market so well, we are able to provide all these guests with outstanding value at a reasonable price.

That value extends to the atmosphere and condition of our properties as well. InTown Suites has high quality standards and continually reinvests in maintenance and improvement at all of our 138 locations. Further, we have numerous processes to help ensure a safe, quiet atmosphere for our guests and employees. These measures include strict limits on the number of people allowed to occupy a room and regular, required housekeeping services. Lastly, we have procedures in place to keep registered sex offenders away from our properties.

While we are indeed an economy brand, we are certainly not a "cheap motel" as the article insinuates.

Collier Daily, InTown Suites director of marketing and communications, Atlanta

Postal Service delivery to slow | Dec. 5

At 44 cents, it's a bargain

Spending 44 cents to mail a greeting card or letter to a friend, say in California, is not too expensive — in fact, it is a heck of a deal.

And you can call me old-fashioned, but the written word still means something to some of us. Of course, we may have to plan ahead a little, but I would rather do that than send a generic email to someone.

A greeting card is chosen, and it bears a handwritten signature. Believe it or not, not everyone owns a computer.

Judy Lavaron, St. Petersburg

Drastic steps needed

If it is to survive, the U.S. Postal Service needs immediate changes. Cut Saturday delivery now. Raise the price of a stamp to 75 cents. Renegotiate with labor over unsustainable costs. Add services that will generate new revenues. Get aggressive.

Dennis Donnelly, Lutz

Panetta troubled by Israel's growing isolation | Dec. 3

Israel's not the bad guy

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says that Israel must do more to promote peace in the region. The Arab nations have just spent the last 63 years trying to destroy Israel. Nations such as Iran and groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah believe in the total annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people.

Here's my question: How did Israel become the bad guy in all this? It reminds me of the old saying by the late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir: "The world hates a Jew who fights back."

Brad Block, Homosassa

Keystone XL pipeline

Missed opportunity

It is bad enough that it takes years for a project to go through the process of getting approval and funding. But by delaying the Keystone XL pipeline, President Barack Obama has shown that he's more interested in political maneuvering than in providing cheap, abundant energy to U.S. consumers.

Time is not on our side. The Canadian government has clearly demonstrated that it is more than willing to partner with America in this venture — even to the point of rerouting the pipes to accommodate environmentalists who are concerned about contaminating the Ogallala Aquifer.

Here is an opportunity for this administration to fulfill its No. 1 priority, creating jobs.

Orfeo Trombetta, Seminole

The Pier

Designs don't match city

I was disappointed by the designs for the new Pier. They are an architect's showplace, not a celebration of the natural beauty of our bay.

The designs do not reflect what I think citizens of St. Petersburg have been longing for: a place to go that is iconic of this city; that is accessible to all; that offers a chance for us to enjoy the view surrounding the Pier, to fish, eat, sit and talk, and enjoy community events without feeling unwelcome if we are not spending money like tourists.

Although there are plenty of spots on the other side of the park for touristy shops, a few small shops representing the art, university and city interests in water activities (nautical fare) would probably encourage exploration, appeal to us locally and represent our city to tourists as well.

Sandra Ream, St. Petersburg

Austerity in Britain offers U.S. preview | Dec. 6

Warnings from Britain

This article by Nancy Folbre belonged on the front page. The severe austerity imposed on workers by the British government should be examined by every American voter. As the author states, the policies being carried out by the David Cameron government are a preview of what is likely to happen here if a Republican is elected president next fall.

"Austerity has contributed to persistently high unemployment and declining real wages." Witness the assault on public workers here in Florida and other states while the wealthy 1 percent go about business as usual.

The voters' choice in the next election will decide whether the middle class recovers or we head further down the road to becoming a "banana republic" with the wealthy owning more and more.

Richard Vanni, Seminole

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