Sunday, May 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Friday's letters: Notre Dame should exit lawsuit

Catholic organizations sue over new birth control rule | May 22

Notre Dame should exit lawsuit

The University of Notre Dame has joined in the lawsuit that alleges the federal government under President Barack Obama is wrong in its policies on health services in regard to contraceptive medicine and services. As a 1966 graduate of the university, I reject and repudiate this lawsuit. The university uses local, state and federal taxpayer money; in fact it would probably not even exist without the decision in World War II by the Navy to turn the campus into a major training facility. In addition, the university has been a haven for priests, such as my senior year theology professor, who were hounded by the Vatican to keep silent.

The university cannot have it both ways — it cannot serve the needs of the government, accept taxpayer money, and then turn on that government and obey the pope in Rome. No Catholic will ever be forced to have an abortion; abortions are not funded by federal money due to the Hyde Amendment, and contraceptive medicine is used by Catholic men and women just as much as any other faith. Never mind that the university has never sued the federal government to stop the death penalty or to stop the bombing of innocent men, women and children in the wars of various presidents.

The university taught me to always seek the truth, never lie to myself, treat all people as equals and, very importantly, that God is unknowable so be humble in attempting to decipher him. This lawsuit is both hypocritical and full of hubris, so I beg the university I love so much to take itself out of it, or divest itself of all government funds, tax breaks and government-funded programs, loans and grants.

Robert P. Curran, Beverly Hills

Age of Catholic constriction May 23, Maureen Dowd column

A disparate silence

Should a physician who is an alcoholic or a chain smoker quit counseling his or her patients about the risk of drug addiction? It is a terrible disservice for the people we serve when our personal shortcomings trample our professional responsibility. So I admire the Catholic hierarchy for restating its teaching on sexual behaviors when it is aware of the little credibility the clergy enjoys on this issue. I am disturbed, however, by the fact that opposition to abortion and gay marriage buys the silence of the hierarchy on equally important issues of social justice and respect for life. These include condemnation of capital punishment, universal access to health care, paid family leave, job protection from the whims of the free market, living salaries and respect for the dignity of every person, including undocumented immigrants. It does not make much sense to oppose abortion and in the meantime support social policies that demean and degrade human life!

Lodovico Balducci, Tampa

Turner: Porn error won't end career May 23

Yes, it will

Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Rob Turner must be delusional. He dates a woman who is his subordinate, sends her pornographic images and then fires her because she complains to the EEOC when the relationship goes south. He's planning to run for office again? No voter with a sense of ethics would vote for this guy. The career is over, Rob.

John Krevens, New Port Richey

What's really obscene

I am appalled by Rob Turner's apparent sexual obsessions, inappropriate dating of a subordinate, and approving her raises from about $18 an hour to a $98,000-a-year position, paid by taxpayers.

I am in my third year of unemployment with two college degrees. All I have is the equity built up in my house, which his appraisals have continued to diminish, and a dwindling IRA that requires a 10 percent penalty every time I withdraw my retirement savings, at age 55, to pay my bills.

I challenged my first assessment because my house was assessed at the sales price while other houses built at the same time in my neighborhood were assessed at as much as $70,000 below the sales price. However, the appraiser's office prevailed by just showing some comparable sales in neighborhoods not even close to my house. In other words, you just cannot win.

I think it's time Mr. Turner had to start worrying about having to take money from your retirement account and where to find another job, based on your aberrant behavior.

Nichk Glover, Odessa

Panel holds the keys to justice May 22, editorial

Great work unfunded

I was pleased to see the editorial celebrating the work of the Florida Innocence Commission.

Our state does have a woeful record of putting the wrong people in prison, with one of the highest number of death row inmates who turn out to be innocent.

We also are a leader in forcing guilty pleas to avoid the expense of jury trials, and in underfunding public defenders. So we clearly need some kind of august body to look into these problems and seek fairer solutions.

The editorial, however, failed to mention that the Innocence Commission was defunded by Gov. Rick Scott in the last budget.

Whatever its merits, it is soon to be no more. Another public service we simply cannot afford.

Susan Greenbaum, Temple Terrace

2012 presidential election

No other choice?

I follow presidential election news daily. I find it ironic that I have never talked to anyone who really wants President Barack Obama or former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the next president, yet these are the only two choices we are going to have.

I believe most people really believe they are both losers for our future.

There seems to be something wrong with our political system, when no one appears to really want either one of them, yet one of them is going to end up leading us.

Billy McSweeny, Spring Hill


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