Saturday, May 26, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Friday's letters: Political opportunism on display

Democrats kick tires on Charlie Crist 2.0 | Sept. 5

Political opportunism on display

Democrats would be wise to do more than kick the tires on this latest model of a "say whatever it takes" politician. In some ways, wishy-washy Charlie Crist fits in well with the personalities of Barack Obama and his enforcer, Rahm Emanuel. However, these liberal icons are steadfastly dedicated to an ideology. Crist has proven he is not.

Before giving "Chain Gang Charlie" the keys, check his record, poke around under the hood and get the Carfax report. He is more malleable than Silly Putty and will embrace whoever offers the next political opportunity.

During the 2008 GOP primary, then-Republican Gov. Crist rushed to John McCain's Tampa hotel to proclaim his support. But, alas, there was no vice presidential slot for Crist.

Is it any surprise the former governor wound up pitching for Obama supporter John Morgan? If he does not find his opportunity there, there is always the Libertarian Party. As far as Republicans are concerned, I think most are simply saying, "There you go again."

Dennis Roper, Clearwater

Democrats kick tires on Charlie Crist 2.0 Sept. 5

Democrats could use

a strong campaigner

Those Democrats who said they would walk out of the Democratic convention when Charlie Crist spoke demonstrated that they are as immature as the tea party members were at the GOP convention.

The Democrats gave Bill McBride and his wife, Alex Sink, two attempts to become governor of Florida and they ran terrible campaigns both times. The party would be lucky to have a man like Crist, who puts the state and the country before party, as their candidate for governor. He would attract some Republicans, most of the independents, and the mature Democrats. If they put up another loser, we will have Rick Scott for four more years.

Roger Gambert, Palm Harbor

Democratic National Convention

Anger vs. smiles

Watching these two political conventions, one thing is apparent. The Republican National Convention was largely angry white men. The Democratic National Convention is diverse: upbeat, smiling African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, women, gays, straights, young, middle-aged and old. The DNC is more representative of the current American stew than the RNC.

The angry white men are rebelling against their impending loss of majority status. They are imperiled, angry and fighting to hold on to their vanishing dominance. So sad.

Mike MacDonald, Clearwater

Party has lost its way

The lines have been drawn. The divisions could not be greater or clearer. The Democratic Party has abandoned the traditions of Kennedy and Truman. It is no longer the party of, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." It has become the party of the welfare state, where hard work is ridiculed and one's success is blamed for the failures of others.

It is the party of class envy. It's the party that has replaced the concept of individual responsibility with the promises of government entitlements. It is the party that makes every effort to spend its way into prosperity, while trying to borrow its way out of debt.

The Democratic Party has turned its back on traditional American values while it belittles those who "cling" to their religion. It is a party that views itself as the party of New Age Enlightenment and rational thinkers. It is the party that put its faith in the state, while it arrogantly views those who put their faith in God as being uneducated and simple-minded people.

Gordon T. Brown, Lutz

N.C. black voters: Solid for Obama? | Sept. 4

Stirring racial politics

This Times headline may be a grabber and help sell papers, but at what cost to society? Is the media's obsession with race creating needless social pressures and further polarization?

Jerry Garcia, Tampa

Disenchanted voters

This article shows some frustration in the black community over their perception that Barack Obama has not achieved as much as he set out to do. But who could have predicted the vitriolic fury exhibited by Republicans determined not to help anything the man tried to accomplish?

Should disenchanted voters give up, there is no way they are going to vote Republican. However, if they decide not to vote, that will bolster the Republicans' chances of winning by default.

Nan Sawyer, Sun City Center

Rating Obama on his word Sept. 2

Congress shares blame

I fear that lazy readers will skim your lists and miss the real reasons why President Barack Obama only accomplished 37 percent of his campaign promises — as if the success or failure was up to him alone.

So many of his "broken" promises are a result of our broken system.

A president does not act alone, but hand in hand with Congress. When that Congress vows to fight his every move — as most Republicans and every tea party member did — they show us all that their vendetta has been more important than the good of our county.

I want to see a headline about the success rate of our dysfunctional Congress.

Eileen Flaxman, Wimauma

U.S. aid may bolster democracy in Egypt Sept. 4

We can't afford it

The U.S. State Department is working on plans to give Egypt $1 billion in debt relief. The country that is $16 trillion in debt is helping other countries with their debt. Imagine: We borrow 40 cents on every dollar and we are giving another country money.

We have hundreds of embassies and military bases throughout the world. What does it cost to maintain these and pay their employees?

The idea that government must cut its spending seems to only apply to services and funds for its own citizens.

If you live in a foreign country, the U.S. government is your piggybank and debt reliever. That is only, however, as long as you do not live in a country where we want to start a war.

Jim Demmy, Kenneth City


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