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Gambling is an individual choice

Gambling is an individual choice

I just can't understand all the fuss about gambling. If it is immoral so be it, but morality cannot be legislated. This is still a free country where citizens can spend their money as they see fit.

Sure, there are those who overdo it, but you will never convince me that a lottery ticket purchase is sinful. Someone always wins and it could be me.

Floridians spend a lot of money in gambling venues in other states, so why not here? We can reap the tax benefits.

D.G. Murray, New Port Richey

Re: Rabies alert

Laws needed to control stray cats

I had to place a call to the Health Department to ascertain the cat's location in Dade City.

My concern? I live in the Millpond Estates (State Road 54 and Trouble Creek Road) and we have had a wild/stray cat situation for years. They continue to multiply.

I've heard that a resident has captured a few and had them spayed then turned loose again. Apparently not all. We have some residents who feed them.

Meanwhile, our area rabbits have disappeared. I no longer see doves, but I do see bird feathers near feeders. The squirrel population has diminished, but apparently they can still outrun a cat.

Nothing can be done. Pasco County Animal Services states that cats are not regulated by law. They will not respond!

You can rent a "have-a-heart' trap, then what do you do with the cat? Pay an animal shelter to take it off your hands? Don't even think of terminating a cat or you'll be facing Florida law.

If a stray bites or scratches someone, what are chances of that cat being caught to determine whether or not it has rabies? It is 2009 and there is no law concerning cats. Strange!

Fred Cannock, New Port Richey

Do not abandon unwanted pets

This is for the woman in a white pickup truck who threw a gray, striped tabby kitten out of her moving vehicle onto Las Vegas Drive on Jan. 10.

Are you that stupid that you can not find a home for a cat?

I'm sure that the woman is not illiterate because she must have taken a driver's license exam.

Please call Animal Services if you find a stray animal or can not keep an animal or have an animal that needs medical care. They will guide you to the proper services.

The woman left an orange leash on the road with the kitten. It looks very expensive. If she wants it back, just knock on my door. I will gladly give it back. I live right where she threw out the kitten. I look forward to meeting her.

Colleen Matyka, New Port Richey

Don't judge first mom of new year

This is regarding the recent letters discussing the story of the first baby of 2009.

I'm ashamed to say that most of us probably were thinking the same thing. But I wholeheartedly agree those thoughts certainly didn't need to be reiterated in print for all to commiserate over.

I really have to wonder what compelled the Times to include certain sad elements of the story that had nothing to do with the celebration of the first baby of the year.

This should have been a keepsake article for Crystal Rusaw to cut out and show to her grandchildren; she was in the newspaper for having the first baby of the new year. Instead she gets to have her life questioned and judged by strangers.

Staff writer Erin Sullivan seemed to change the whole direction of the story once it was discovered that Ms. Rusaw was, in fact, human and facing the same tests so many others face in their lives. Now we are all thinking and saying the same things (thanks largely to the information added to the mom's story that was totally irrelevant to the blessed addition to her family).

Meanwhile, Ms. Rusaw is probably both embarrassed and enraged, but afraid to defend herself out of fear of more stones being cast in her direction. To this new mother and all new mothers — congratulations and enjoy it. They grow too fast. I sincerely hope all the discussion on the story, my letter included, hasn't totally ruined what should be an exciting event for their family.

To everyone else: We all live in glass houses. We should stop throwing stones.

Susanna White, Hudson

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