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Gathering petitions is only the start of hard work

Commission candidates get no free trip to ballot | May 21 story

Petition gathering is only the start

I'd like to take this opportunity to address the failure of candidates to achieve the required petitions for entry into the County Commission race. A story stated that my husband, Matthew Matey, fell short 2,361 signatures. That's inaccurate.

Close to 450 were certified by election supervisor Brian Corley's office via mail to my husband. On May 16, another 271 were turned in for validation. Our volunteers were still working Sunday, but, when we realized we were not going to make the magic number, we called each one requesting they save their energy, fully aware this meant we'd be paying the entry fee.

My husband felt it wasn't necessary to turn in the remainder of the petitions (approximately 800, and they're still coming in, although, it's too late) just so the taxpayers could pay for county employees to count and validate them, when he already knew there weren't enough.

Of course, it's much easier to pay the fee. It doesn't require any work. It doesn't require standing in the sun all day and it doesn't require having doors slammed in your face simply because you're a Republican. And, with Commissioner Ann Hildebrand's war chest of $53,000, why should she work hard at making this happen? Just write a check. It seems that's how things have been handled during business as usual. It shouldn't be difficult for her to pay the fee. After all, she is getting two paychecks.

Gathering petitions is a hard but honorable thing. But, my husband is aware, this is just the beginning. The job gets harder from here. If he folds now, it's indicative of somebody who's not willing to work for the job and most likely will not work hard while doing the job.

We started late; that's our fault and my hat's off to every single volunteer who helped us. You can be sure, my husband's name will be on that ballot. With grandchildren who are seventh- generation Pasco County residents, he has a vested interest in the future of this county — not just for them, but for every citizen.

Danielle Baillie Posner, Elfers

Slower drivers create hazards

It's rather amusing reviewing the replies from those taking the "I have the right to drive in the left lane" and "you tailgaters are dangerous" attitudes.

I suppose those signs saying "slower traffic keep right" have no meaning. I suppose the phrase "passing lane" means nothing, either.

Legally speaking, if you're doing the speed limit you have every right to be there. In the real world, you're a bigger traffic danger driving the same speed, side-by-side, with another car. Look in your rearview mirror — there's more cars stacking up behind you — creating a better chance for danger. All because of your unwillingness to move over as it's apparently your God-given right to be there.

If you're not passing, why not move over? It's certainly less stressful driving the speed limit in the nonpassing lanes.

While you're maintaining proper distance between you and the car in front of you, where's the car to your right? I certainly hope it's the same distance as the car in front of you. Otherwise, you're not as safe as you think.

Essentially, when you break it down, folks wouldn't tailgate and get irritated if they could get around you. They can't get around you if you are side-by-side with another car. It appears those corresponding about this subject are fully aware what the speed is, but are ignoring other drivers — even those with whom they are driving side-by-side. Doesn't that make you just as dangerous as the others?

Steve Davis, New Port Richey

End tax breaks and make businesses pay fair share May 20 guest column

Writer offers refreshing view

Is there any way we can persuade C.D. Chamberlain to run for governor of Florida, or county administrator, or anything in-between?

What a refreshing outlook on Florida taxes, business welfare and the insider deals made with taxpayer money! Kudos, Mr. C.

Lawrence Noyes, Spring Hill

Fasano deserves thanks for bill

Despite budget difficulties, the Legislative Session 2008 was not all bad news.

All of us know how important mobility is in today's fast-paced society. Thanks to the leadership of state Sen. Mike Fasano, Floridians who are transportation disadvantaged can rest easy. HB1175/SB788 passed unanimously. This bill specifically strengthens the Commission for Transportation Disadvantage. It will allow the commission to better execute its mission in providing cost-effective, safe and reliable transportation for our fellow Floridians who are transportation disadvantaged.

As the chairman of the commission, I wish to thank Sen. Fasano for his leadership and services to Floridians who are transportation disadvantaged.

J.R. Harding, chairman


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Gathering petitions is only the start of hard work 05/22/08 [Last modified: Thursday, May 29, 2008 10:46am]
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