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Geology, not man, creates beaches

Geology, not man, creates beaches

A recent letter writer asked why can't Pasco County have a beach park?

There are many reasons, but the biggest is the geological makeup of most of the west coast of Florida. If she would notice, all of the counties south of us with nice beaches have those beaches on barrier islands. (We do have a nice beach, Anclote Island.)

Our coastline is very shallow and either grassy or rocky depending where you are. Man cannot create beaches where there is no water. Look at the beach man created at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs. It is better than nothing, but at low tide, it leaves a lot to be desired.

The letter writer should visit Key Vista Park in Holiday at low tide, then maybe she would get the picture.

Jon Campbell, New Port Richey

Better uses for tourism dollars

Our county commissioners are at it again. They get this hotel/motel tax from our local places and this fund has grown to a huge amount of money that supposedly can't be spent on budget items but only for tourist and recreational uses.

They wanted to build a world class tennis complex not long ago, hoping that would bring events to Pasco County, and in truth it would not serve all residents of Pasco County. I guess this tourist money is burning a hole in their pockets. Now, they want to a build a sports complex of ball fields and restaurant, hoping it draws tourists and events to Pasco County.

With Tampa and Pinellas County and their facilities so close, this won't work. The company managing the facility will be from out of state and profits go to it. When this harebrained idea goes belly up, we taxpayers will be paying for it.

I think there are many other options that this tourist money could be spent on that would put our residents to work, our contractors to work and be a tourist attraction for Pasco County that would benefit us. We have many nice ballparks in the county and we don't need a complex. We have areas along our coastline that should be bought and developed into something like a John's Pass (Madeira Beach) with shops and restaurants right on the coast.

Ray Stiver, Port Richey

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