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Give Pasco utility FGUA time to improve water quality

FGUA water just as bad, but pricier | May 25 letter

Give utility time to improve water

Be patient, FGUA water customers. Those who are impatient about pending improvements in FGUA water quality need to understand that major utility system upgrades cannot occur overnight. The FGUA has a detailed capital improvement plan and is working diligently, and as quickly as possible, to improve the water. The FGUA provides monthly progress reports to the customers who are members of the Committee for Better Water Now.

We were aware, before the FGUA purchase, that all of the necessary system improvements, plus the purchase of additional water from Pasco County, would take at least two years. Aloha Utilities couldn't, and wouldn't, do it during more than 14 years! Under the settlement agreement, Aloha had two years to do less work than the FGUA will do, but to Aloha, progress was something to be avoided. Aloha provided quarterly non-progress reports to the committee members.

The utility purchase by the FGUA on behalf of Pasco County provided the only viable solution for eliminating the black, smelly water suffered by so many of the former Aloha customers. We are confident that completion of the FGUA system upgrades will result in clean, drinkable water for all of the customers.

John Andrews, Trinity

Schools should teach about life

As a senior, I wonder if schools that have diversity in allocating subjects other than reading, writing and arithmetic thought about introducing a subject called life, which is what each student will face whether they pursue a higher education or settle on what they have.

Life should include money management beyond the simple idea of keeping a budget. It should detail every expense facing graduates entering the mainstream of everyday living. It should explain credit cards rates in depth, and how easily one can dig oneself into a financial hole. Life should introduce existing poverty and how to prevent becoming a member of the unfortunates who fell into that discouraging condition. Life should include all the facts about child rearing, when giving birth as a teen appears to be appealing. Life relates to growth from what you sow.

Life should teach that common sense is not common. Everyone deserves a break in life and needs to coast at times. They should, however, be reminded that in order to coast, one must be going downhill.

Richard E. Allard, New Port Richey

Utility's rate hike is unwarranted

Kudos to the letter writer for speaking out against Aqua Utilities' extortion. We have no choice for water service.

I, too, have Aqua Utilities and my water/sewer bill was almost $75 for one person using 1,800 gallons during a 28-day billing cycle. I just got my electric bill for just over $52 for a 31-day billing cycle). This water bill is almost a 50 percent increase. From what I have observed, Aqua has done little, if anything, to improve the quality of the water/sewer system in Palm Terrace.

How can Aqua warrant such a large increase? I encourage the residents of Palm Terrace to contact their elected officials, state Sen. Mike Fasano and state Rep. John Legg about this situation. Unfortunately for everyone, the members of the Florida Public Service Commission are not elected officials and do not have to answer to the voters. Those are the people who approved this rate increase. However, you can write/e-mail them and express your disapproval of the decision. That information can be found on the PSC Web site at

The PSC changed their decision on Progress Energy's increase, maybe they will do the same for Palm Terrace residents also.

K. Howe, Port Richey

Don't be in rush to put down pets | May 21, letter

Become advocate for animal rescue

I completely understand the writer's view on remorse of giving up a pet. That is why it is so important to educate the public on the various animal shelters and what their policies are when you surrender a pet.

Everyone, including the staff at Hernando County Animal Services, would be thrilled to keep pets until they can be adopted. Everyone is heartbroken by every animal that is euthanized. Again, their job is to enforce the county codes. It is a terrible responsibility and they do it with great compassion.

There is a staggering number of animals being surrendered or abandoned every single day. There is not enough room for all of them. We need the public to do their part if they want to see this situation change. Here's how you can help:

• Do everything possible in your power to keep your pet with you. If this is not possible, do your homework on every shelter in the area so you know where you are leaving them and what their policies are.

• Go to your local animal shelter and offer to be a foster parent for a homeless pet until they can be adopted.

• Offer to be a volunteer at one of your local shelters.

• Become a donor to the shelter of your choice so they can expand to meet the ever-growing population of homeless pets.

• Be an advocate for the spaying and neutering of pets to reduce the population of homeless pets. Spay and neuter your own pets and remind friends and family members to do the same.

• Become educated on the current pet overpopulation problem and decide what you can do to help change this situation.

Everyone working in animal rescue is fighting an uphill battle.

There are not enough resources to serve the homeless pets in need. This is a communitywide problem that will take a communitywide solution. Please get involved and help reduce the number of homeless animals and put a stop to euthanasia.

Joanne Schoch, executive director, Humane Society of the Nature Coast, Spring Hill

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