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Give sheriff what he needs to do job

Give sheriff what he needs to do job

I can't believe that the county commissioners are yet again disrespecting the Pasco County deputies. I also can't believe they yet again continue the pettiness against the sheriff for trying to do the job we elected him to do.

Why shouldn't the sheriff take his request to the governor to try to get the officers he needs to protect the people of Pasco County or use any other resources he may have to do the job we elected him to do? And now the commission has suddenly found $25,000 of taxpayer money to fight the sheriff's endeavor. Where did it suddenly come from?

Maybe if the commission stopped trying to build a new building and instead travel up U.S. 19 and view all the empty available buildings, they could balance the budget to include the safety of the people.

I only ask the sheriff to not forget the deputies who are already doing the job for us and remember they are good men and women who haven't had a raise in four years. I understand the economy but you need to take care of them and support the one thing they depend on in the end, their pensions.

We're better than this. I know we can be better. Let's do the right thing at the right time for the right reason!

Marilyn Dennison, New Port Richey

Be fair to workers already in system | Feb. 6 letter

Giveaway needs to be corrected

The firefighter needs to find another job at a private company's expense. I have been a federal government worker for over 30 years and have been paying my share of my retirement.

I was amazed and appalled that it has taken the state and counties this long to correct this free giveaway. Oh and by the way, federal government workers do not average $120,000 a year as reported. That was a nice government setup/propaganda campaign leading to the announcement of no raises for two plus years.

It's all about money, baby. The haves and have-nots. Why should we get but not give? Wake up people.

Mark Spafford, Land O'Lakes

Krewe of Chasco freezes out truth

As our northern states lie under the chilled blanket of a brutal winter, the warm temperatures in New Port Richey hide the chill of a brutal lie — the Krewe of Chasco — unrelenting in its bitter freeze that prevents the new growth of truth.

Pretty costumes disguised as honor hide the racism that lies just beneath the surface. Revisionism posing as beads delights the young and old alike.

The Krewe of Chasco is the chosen weapon of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce. Words have consequences. "Get a gun and shoot them,'' one said about American Indian Movement protestors. "Bury them for free.''

It is time for someone to say, "I was wrong."

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

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