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Going it alone better than an incompetent lawyer

Court key to liberty, justice for all | May 7 guest column

Going it alone better than an incompetent lawyer

Having been involved with the frustrating process of seeking justice against a corrupt government agency through the civil courts for more than five years now, it is no wonder folks are looking to go after justice on their own (pro se).

I have found lawyers on both sides who were liars and unethical, and without a care in the world that someone's livelihood hangs in the balance. The hardest thing in the world is sitting on my hands, mouth shut, as I listen to incompetent lawyers present the case to a judge whose prejudice is already leaning in the defendant's direction.

Justice is for those who can afford it or have the courage to go at it alone, and my case has now gone pro se. If I go down, it will be by my own actions and not that of $400-an-hour incompetence.

Walter Kozak, Spring Hill

Hope for home and Devin | May 13 article

Prayers go out to the boy, family in their time of trial

I would like to send out my prayers to the family of little Devin. I am enrolled in school with the boy's father and he is having a hard time with this hand that has been dealt to them.

I pray the Lord will brighten their lives by allowing them and little Devin to make it through this with flying colors. I have met this boy and he has a big spirit and he seems as if he is a fighter all the way. My prayers are with them and I will have my church pray for the family as well so that he will have a home to go home to.

God bless Camille C. Spencer, the writer of this story, and God bless the family also. This has touched my heart in a way that can not be explained.

Tammy Strickland, Hudson

Different insurance rules on manufactured homes

I would like to ask the state of Florida, "Who makes the insurance laws here? The insurance companies or the state?''

We started out paying $450 a year for homeowners insurance on our manufactured home. Last year, it was more than $1,600. We own our home, so I told my wife we could lower our insurance by dropping flood insurance, as we live on a hill. We also could drop sinkhole coverage, since owning a manufactured home, we could move it.

We were told by our insurance agent that we could not do either. The agent said it's a state law.

Owning our own home, why can't we? This would bring the price of insurance back to normal.

We were told if we lived in a regular-built home we could drop sinkhole coverage, but not in a manufactured home. If a sinkhole starts, we can move our home off the lot; with a regular-built home, you can't. U.S. 19 would have to be under 10 to 15 feet of water before we might see some water.

Why can't we drop these two items from our homeowners insurance?

Earl Trongeau, Brooksville

Congress needs to take action to conserve water

Water conservation should be a major concern of every American. Gallons of water are being wasted every time 100 percent cotton fabrics are washed and dried. The once-popular 50/50 polyester/cotton fabrics use far less water.

Water conservation is a national problem and therefore needs our Congress to take legislative action.

H.R. McPherson, Spring Hill

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