Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Going to school in the dark

Re: Sisters headed to school hit by car (tbt* March 19)

I saw the news about the terrible accident where two girls were hit by a car while crossing the street in the dark on the way to Middleton High School. When we had the time change and it was dark in the morning, my first thought was about the children who now have to go to school in the dark. We should cancel this time change because if we don't, this will happen again.

Please, someone tell me how we can do something to abolish this time change. If it's done to help adults have more time to go out after work, they can stay out late anyway. We should consider the children first.

Emily Mercado, Tampa

Tasteless photo

I am a regular reader of tbt*. It's a fast way to get the news and, fortunately, it's free. Thank you for that.

I have an issue with your publishing an ad with a photo of a woman's bare buttocks on a regular basis. That photo is demeaning to women and sexist. It's humiliating for me, as a woman, to view women portrayed as sex objects. The photo is tasteless and repugnant. Who wants to see her ass, and every day? It's plain offensive and inappropriate for this daily newspaper. Send it to Playboy. Don't sully your paper. Take it out. We don't need it. Stop it.

Foluke Obahnjoko, Tampa

Yellow power

Re: Red light cameras, a pox or a boon? (Sue Carlton column, tbt* March 19)

In Fairfax County, Va., in 2001, the state Department of Transportation found when it increased the length of the yellow light at one of the state's red light camera intersections from 4 seconds to 5.5 seconds due to the large number of accidents there, red light running dropped by about 90 percent.

Funny thing about slippery red light camera advocates, including those who masquerade as serious reporters — they never want to talk about the yellow lights. I wonder why. Let's face it: Contrary to myth, red light camera advocate$ enjoy having "red light runner$" to punish. And the more the merrier. Real traffic safety be damned.

Just curious. If the mindless dimwits operating both the lights and the cameras — at the behest of their political paymasters of course — should injure or worse yet kill someone with their inherently dangerous traffic ticket scheme, who do you suppose should pay?

Do keep in mind that, when it comes to red light cameras, there is big money in them thar yellow light hills, and red light cam hustlers know it. Sadly for unsuspecting citizens, there is usually a trail of mayhem, carnage and tears as well.

Money, money, money.

Gene Quinn, Vienna, Va.

Don't blame DCF

Re: DCF's family policy leaves kids in peril (tbt* March 17)

The story about children falling through the cracks is heartbreaking. It seems like it's getting worse. But can we agree it's totally unrealistic to keep blaming the Florida Department of Children & Families for the fact that parents can't refrain from such extreme violence, when handling their children?

DCF is obviously overwhelmed, these parents seem to reproduce exponentially, and it defies logic to think a government entity can, or should have to, contain the situation. It's just not going to happen. I don't propose to have an answer, but one thing is certain: It's not the fault of DCF.

Alex White, Tampa

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