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GOP governor's agenda should come as no surprise

GOP agenda is no surprise

I am 80 years old and voted Democratic all of my life. I am not surprised at the Republican governor's agenda.

I am now, however, surprised at anyone who voted Republican last November and is now outraged. You cast your vote, now deal with it.

Robert L. Szucs, New Port Richey

Sheriff takes care of his buddies | March 10 letter

White has shown his leadership

The writer paints an interesting picture; however, I saw the same complaints of our prior sheriff, Lee Cannon. First we live in a relatively safe area due to the work of the deputies and the leadership of Bob White. We elected him for a record-breaking, for Pasco, third term because we do trust him.

I have had the honor to know Sheriff White for many years. He truly loves his employees at the Sheriff's Office, so no matter who is promoted it would be a buddy of his. I congratulate Maj. Chris Nocco for his promotion.

Maj. Nocco started as street cop in Philadelphia. That is no easy beat, and he is the son of a city cop. He has held leadership positions in other law enforcement departments, thus he has put in his time in law enforcement. As for never being a detective, most hospital administrators have never been surgeons, but they oversee the surgery unit as well as the rest of a hospital. His promotion is based on leadership and management skills.

All of us who have had management positions know if there is one job opening and 10 applicants, the result is one person who likes you and nine others who think the promotion was based on any reason other than who was the best choice for that job at that time.

I am one of the many who voted for Bob White in the past and will do so again in 2012.

Hugh Townsend, New Port Richey

Lawmakers ignore guns' toll

Sen. Mike Fasano's comment on how pill monitoring has been forced off the track by his fellow Republicans is just so refreshing. "How could I accept that something that would save lives was defeated year after year,'' he said.

Now that death by pill exceeds death by guns, we can ask the same question about guns, which over time have taken many more lives than pills. This state Legislature has turned its back on the carnage guns have taken in this state by refusing to pass any controls on firearms and eliminating what few controls we had.

For the far right, not tracking pills is another victory for Republicans who have morphed into Libertarians.

Art Hayhoe, Wesley Chapel

Why do we pay Aqua's high price?

I think we are being taken advantage of against our will by Aqua Utilities.

My stepdaughter lives less than half-mile away, and when she had five people in her house showering a couple of times a day and washing every day, her bill went to $15. Normally she pays $10 to $11 a month for water. So does my brother. He almost fainted when I told him the normal Aqua Utilities bill for two people living in the house was $79. Now Aqua wants to raise it.

The $79 bill is normal use, not from watering the lawn. It goes to $99 if we want our lawn to live. Stones, instead of grass, are cheaper in the long run.

There will be many more houses left vacant in this area if this keeps up. Why doesn't someone just dump Aqua and get the water from the same source that other neighborhoods have? Help!

Donna Herrick, Hudson

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