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GOP leaders need to reread Bible

GOP leaders need to reread Bible

Wow! The Republican leadership treats the lack of an invocation at the commencement exercises at Pasco-Hernando Community College like it was the end of the world. On the other hand, they treat the savage attacks on the current governor as acceptable.

It reminds me of the story of a pastor who said, "I preach about brotherly love and then watch road rage in the parking lot.''

I would suggest the Republican leadership open the Good Book and absorb the passages that relate to how one should treat his or her fellow man. Actions speak louder than words and this chapter in the Republican playbook is sordid at best.

Robert Bucklin, Zephyrhills

Prayer entwined in American story

The Declaration of Independence bases the right to declare the colonies free from England on "inalienable rights'' granted by our "Creator.'' It concludes, in part, by saying, "with firm reliance upon the protection of Divine Providence.''

This is no wording about separate of church and state in our U.S. Constitution. The establishing clause concerning religion in our First Amendment is "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.'' The purpose was to prevent the government from creating a government-run church and to protect people in the practice of their religion. The notion that the people who signed the Declaration of Independence and created the Constitution and Bill of Rights meant to prohibit prayer in government-sponsored events flies in the face of historical fact.

The first official act of the Continental Congress was a call for prayer when they heard the British were going to attack Boston. It concludes a request for guidance, "Be Thou present, O God of wisdom, and direct the councils of this honorable assembly; enable them to settle things on the best and surest foundation.''

To this day, there is a formal prayer from each legislative session of Congress. There is even an office of the chaplain. Why is it a problem to have a prayer at graduation ceremonies at Pasco-Hernando Community College.

James Griffin, Land O' Lakes

Time to reform the local GOP

In reference to the May 13 letters to the editor about how the Republican Party members were denied input in the selection of a candidate for our congressional seat, I am of two minds.

The sneaky way in which Sheriff Richard Nugent was able to place himself in an advantageous position seems to be the result of a plan by Republican Party officials to usurp the normal selection process. I say this because I have read no comments from any officials that criticize the plot by U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite and Nugent. Failure of the leadership to respond indicates to me that the current Republican leadership is not interested in the voices of its members. Despite lip service paid to democratic principles, the party just proves itself to be an old guard network.

It seems like it's time for a grass roots movement to reshape the party in the image of the Republican electorate. I am an independent who, more often than not, votes Republican. All of us have the opportunity to register as Republicans before July 26.

I hope that many voters will get out and register and make their voices heard in the coming primary. Someone once said something to the effect that a failure to engage in the political process will lead to governance by your inferiors.

John Orlando, Spring Hill

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