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Government is only for the few, it's for everyone

Government is not just for the few

Pasco Commissioner Ted Schrader quoted by the Times, "Apparently the Iafrates, Angelo's Aggregate has been busy in Tallahassee." No kidding! As a Democrat, and like generic Republicans and tea partiers, we all believe in small government at the lowest level as it delivers the kind of democracy that allows full participation and exposure of all aspects of the issues to all who do and do not support the issue.

But that kind of government is under attack by our big government, your state government represented by your elected state representatives and senators and driven by the Consolidated Industries of Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce (not to be confused with local chambers) and other pro-growth groups all promoted vigorously by our governor.

Some have pointed out that the real battle for the heart of this nation will not be in the halls of Congress but in the halls of state government, and already local governments are under attack by the onslaught of special interests and pro-growth lobbies in state houses. In Florida, local government is already being brushed aside by special interests using the state House as their staging grounds. In recent years local governments have been stripped of the ability to control where growth would benefit us all, controls on firearms, fireworks, the amount of fertilizer runoff into our streams and rivers and perhaps now where we want our trash to be stored. With the help of our small government governor, we have lost our ability to challenge whether or not our water and air is clean.

All of these big-government sponsored controls are the same. The few will determine what benefits the few, not the many. The size of a government should never be the issue. The issue should always be: Does it work for the many and not just the few?

Our small government county commission has done a stellar job, but the specter of big government joined with a powerful special interest may yet win where our trash is stored unless we take this fight but to those who represent us, our Pasco Legislative delegation. I think Sen. Mike Fasano understands the virtues of a government that works for everyone not just the few, but I'm not sure the rest of our Pasco legislative delegation shares that view.

Art Hayhoe, Wesley Chapel

Protest wasn't only about Nugent

Even though the July 27 article said Protest Takes Aim at Nugent, that was not the only protest going on at the event.

I also was in attendance and was there to criticize both the Republican and Democratic parties, and President Obama, as well as our failing economic system. All of these entities have failed the country and its citizens. I was there to challenge the sponsors of the event,, as well as U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent; plus, both political parties and the union people in attendance as well.

Granted, I was a lone minority voice at the protest, but the passing motorists responded to my messages with supportive honks.

Brian P. Moore, Spring Hill

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Government is only for the few, it's for everyone 07/28/11 [Last modified: Thursday, July 28, 2011 8:40pm]
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