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Government should strive for more efficiency, responsiveness

Governing as business doesn't work | Aug. 4 guest column

Time to give others a chance

The guest columnist is very good at bringing up a subject and then giving one-sided arguments to supposedly support his liberal worldview.

When people say government should run more like a business they mean it should be more efficient and responsive to the people it serves (us). They do not mean we should have a CEO and board of directors. This is merely a red herring because the writer doesn't have a logical argument.

Any private or corporate business that operates inefficiently and ignores the wants and/or needs of their customers will eventually be put out of business, as it should be. Government by its very nature is inefficient and the bigger it gets the more inefficient it becomes as more and more layers of bureaucracy are added and more and more people become employees of the government, each of them naturally wanting to keep their jobs. If government were run more efficiently, the people who don't do their jobs properly and obstruct things from getting done would be retrained or replaced. That is how it happens in the private sector.

Most Americans do understand how government works and we understand the give-and-take nature of governing, we just wish there were a lot more give and a lot less take. The writer seems scared to death that some businessmen might be elected and hint that some of them have unsavory baggage. Is he comparing them to so many of the pristine, selfless, upstanding politicians we have now?

I think I'm willing to give someone else a chance; I can't imagine they could do that much worse. If people are corrupt, regardless of political party or affiliations, prosecute them and put them away and we will have less corruption. Let people make up their own minds who they should vote for; there will be another election soon enough and they will have to answer to the voters then.

Bill Wright, New Port Richey

Let McPherson finish his term

We still don't have the 100 percent story on what really happened that early Monday morning outside Grille 54. One side says Mrs. McPherson slapped her husband and that Scott McPherson was hostile towards the deputies involved and used his position as mayor to try to get his wife out of the situation. The other side says it was a silly slap from Mrs. McPherson and that the deputy that arrested her sexually assaulted her in the process.

I don't know the mayor and his wife personally, but I have spoken with Scott and find him one of the most truthful politicians in government today. I can't hold him against going out and having a few to drink. He was on a mini-vacation with his wife and any politician is allowed to do so. There is nothing against having a few beers and the McPhersons were smart enough to have a friend in the ready to pick them up after their night. One of the few things I look for in a politician is being real, and going out and having fun is being real.

I don't believe Scott McPherson has any hatred towards the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. I also have high respect towards our deputies and the work they do. I know many of them put their lives on the line to protect the residents of Pasco. But I can say I have seen deputies lie and abuse their power to go through red lights and speed past traffic. Of course I don't know if this deputy sexually assaulted Mrs. McPherson and only a investigation into the matter will tell.

For more than two years, Scott McPherson has represented this city and its people alongside the City Council. Scott has shown himself to be dedicated to serving this city and doing what's best for the city. One incident should not taint him or his remaining months as mayor. The people who say they have been embarrassed by the actions of Mayor McPherson are easily embarrassed.

This affected no resident of New Port Richey and he even apologized to New Port Richey for his actions that night.

Let him finish his 10 months as mayor. He has promised to regain the trust from the residents of New Port Richey and I believe he will do whatever it will take to put trust between him and us residents. Do us proud, Mr. Mayor, finish your term with pride and move on from this incident.

Mike Kramer, New Port Richey

Government should strive for more efficiency, responsiveness 08/05/10 [Last modified: Friday, August 6, 2010 9:51am]
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