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Happy to be riding THE Bus

We're happy to be riding THE Bus

Leave THE Bus to us riders, driver and workers. If we get some of the crowds to help save our luxury of riding the red, white and blue colors of THE Bus, say one hour instead of two hours, and change some of the routes like rural areas and take THE Bus to greet other people who need to ride, I say it's what we need to do.

I can still remember back in 2002 when we had a bus full of happy crowds, including mothers and children, and everyone was enjoying the ride.

It would also be great to get some television advertisements for the THE Bus.

Rosemary Sonninberg, Spring Hill

Extreme voices are not American

Recently an article in our paper discussed what changes are in store for our local animal services, including reductions in staff and hours available to the public for adoptions. The net effect will be a lowering of adoptions and an increase of adoptable animals that are euthanized.

Last year's budget cuts have already gutted their ability to provide the basics of care such as worming for those poor animals that obviously are infected and testing for heartworm, etc. In addition to the animal services cuts, we are looking at closing of our parks and recreational facilities for our children and ending public transportation for our poor and infirm.

So the question is, what have we become as a society? Have we become so hardened to the plight of our weakest members, that we are losing our souls? I can remember a time when we would rise up to defend the defenseless even when it meant greater personal hardships, but that was who we were. But, it seems, we have become a me-first society, or have we?

Have we become a society that is so afraid to speak out because there are those with loud shrill voices who question our motives with name-calling and distortions to bully us that we shrink from our responsibility, as Americans, to speak out when we see injustice?

I, for one, am tired of being bullied. I want my America back. I want the caring America of VISTA and the Peace Corps. I want the America that wasn't Irish-American, black American, Italian-American, etc. but those just proud to call themselves Americans. I want an America that was Americans helping make a better world. I want an America that isn't a me-first nation but an America that is willing to sacrifice for the greater good. I want an America that doesn't cast aside the weak or those who cannot speak for themselves.

I want my America back as I remember her and I will fight those who, with their extreme voices on both sides, are trying to steal her from me. I served her, I fought for her, and I will not be denied, I love her too much to give in too easily

Dennis Schoch, Spring Hill

Slam brakes on desire to speed

All of us who drive have the urge to pass the car in front of us. Some of us have that urge under control, some of us do not.

Speed limits are posted all around us, yet regardless of the posted speed, and regardless of the fact that a car is traveling the posted limit, many drivers give into that urge and pass the car traveling at the posted limit. That urge results in speeding violations and accidents.

Sheriff's deputies and Florida Highway Patrol officers issue plenty of speeding tickets, but a small percentage of those who speed are apprehended and the urge goes on.

I guess we can't help that.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill

Association claim is questionable

I live in a community where a group of people claim supremacy over everyone.

They claim to be a mandatory association. However, they are not recorded in the county as per Florida statute.

They refuse to comply with the law. They are registered as a not-for-profit corporation only. They have an open meeting once a year — sometimes even less frequently — and do not offer financial statements.

This sounds like a total scam to me. One of their scams is to place liens (sometimes multiple ) against property, and after many years they can collect hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

It seems that they are in violation of many laws governing homeowner associations and they will not communicate with members of the community, other than demand money.

Walter Morrissey, Brooksville

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