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Has Clearwater City Council forgotten senior citizens?

Re: No bones about it, they like it here | story, Jan. 30

Has city forgotten senior citizens?

This letter is addressed to the Clearwater City Council, which once again has shown its lack of interest in the majority of people in Clearwater called senior citizens. It spent $600,000 for a beautiful dog park, notwithstanding that we have a beautiful park at Crest Lake.

I am an avid lover of all animals, especially our canine friends, but where is the logic that senior citizens have not had a senior center to call their own for at least the last five years, yet we see fit to build another doggie park?

I hope other seniors in Clearwater will rise up and advise the powers that be in City Hall that a large segment of the population needs a senior center of their own and that should be addressed soon.

Dominic Sciarretta, Clearwater

Churches stand tall for needy

Recent articles in the newspaper remind all of us of the great needs in today's society — not only in Clearwater, but now in Haiti's hour of devastation and death.

Pinellas County is so fortunate to have RCS (Religious Community Services) with all of its branches to provide those in need with food, housing and clothing. The number of people provided services is staggering.

These services are possible because of good people in the area who donate money, food, good used clothing, supplies for the housing offered to the homeless, and thousands of hours of volunteer service. Everywhere I go in Clearwater I meet people involved in at least one of those services.

Several churches in Clearwater open their doors to the homeless as cold weather shelters, with members of their congregations serving as hosts throughout the night. Other churches provide blankets, coats, sandwiches, soup and coffee for those seeking shelter and nourishment.

When I happened to drive by that enormous and empty Scientology building on Fort Harrison Avenue, I wondered if it ever occurred to that organization to offer to house the homeless there on cold nights and have their members host and feed the multitudes. Most of the churches in Clearwater give support throughout the year to those in need. Isn't that what churches do?

I encourage everyone who sleeps in a warm home and eats three nutritious meals each day to give at least $10 to the rescue efforts in Haiti, and I thank all those involved with RCS. I know you are blessed for caring.

Ann Fredrickson, Clearwater

Re: Pilot flies back in time | story, Jan. 31

Reliving history warms the heart

A great human interest story. Perfect timing for this piece. Will there be any stories written in future years that make you feel warm inside?

It was wonderful that Nick Radosevich was given the opportunity to again be part of history. To add to the joy, his wife was with him.

Congratulations, well done!

Terri Fiamma, Clearwater

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