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Help offered on the doggy doo problem

Re: "Doggy doo could cost you $150" | March 26

We need more pooch stations

Thanks for the great article on downtown dog poop. These pooch stations are great. While doing the research for your article did you, by chance, hear anything about other neighborhoods affected by these "trophies"? Lots of neighborhoods, maybe all neighborhoods, are experiencing this problem. These concerns have been brought to multiple city departments for years. And now suddenly, since someone is living downtown, it is a problem. I'm confused by that.

We have an area, just outside my back door, that is bombarded by the "trophies" on a daily basis. Dog owners come from blocks around to infect this very small green space. As a result, my dog has contracted the dreaded bacteria that can be life-threatening on three separate occasions. There is sometimes so much poop that it is impossible to walk without stepping in it. Can you please put me in touch with the appropriate people who might be able to direct me to a place where a poop station can be obtained? I don't think it's the responsibility of the city to pay for the restocking of these stations, but my neighbors and I could pitch in to pay for and maintain such a station in our domain. I think other neighborhoods would be willing to do the same. Maybe we could start a campaign. We could call it BOW WOW.

Rick Drummond, South Tampa

Coverage offered?

Great article about cleaning up after dogs at Curtis Hixon Park. However, I live in South Tampa and I'm envious. How do I get coverage/enforcement in my neighborhood? Is it a density issue? I bet dog owners are 2 to 1 in my area. I love pets/dogs, but don't own one. Most dog owners do clean up after their pets, but there are a few regular violators. I have dog doo in my yard on a regular basis. How does one prevent it? Who enforces scooping codes? How do you prove where it's from (seriously)? I'm so fed up with cleaning my children's "poop shoes." How do I get one of those signs featured in your article?

Karen Popp, South Tampa

Re: "Numbers tell a story" | guest column, March 19

Parents: Help out

I believe if a parent — responsible parents like yours and mine from the old school days — is left alone to chastise their children without the state of Florida's involvement, we would see the numbers of black children in jail and prison go down. My son threatened "child abuse" once, and after I informed him what would happen to him at then-WT Edwards, he decided to stay home with Momma. I gave (my son and daughter) the same discipline I had. (I turned out a very responsible individual with good common sense and the sense to get my education and make a life for myself).

I really believe that if parents begin educating their children at home at an early age, instill in them the discipline they need to respect their parents, elders and themselves, taking part in their education when they enter kindergarten, middle, junior and high school, this would lessen the number of children in trouble.

Parents taking charge and attending church as families would also help. Some children may have a small, first-time offense and be given time that does not measure up to the crime committed. Instill qualities of family, church, school, college and the idea of being a leader and not a follower.

Gwendolyn Freeman, Tampa

Re: Cell Towers

Tower is opposed

How would the readers of the St. Pete Times like a 150-foot cell tower in their back yards? This is what is happening with the blessing of the Tampa City Council. None of the council members voting for the Henderson tower would dream of letting this monster in their back yard, but it's okay for the taxpaying citizens of South Tampa to look up every morning at this eyesore. There's not a citizen in South Tampa in favor of the tower except those enriched from this project. Ms. Stacey Frank, who promoted this deal, is under the delusion she will be elected to represent South Tampa. I know the cell tower companies have money to fertilize local politicians, but many oppose this insane project. This fight is not over.

John King, Tampa

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