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Hernando County Commission should work for free

Commissioners should reject pay

The chairman of the Hernando County Commission appealed to community for increased volunteerism to save the county money. Members of citizens advisory standing committees are among those responding. Salaried commissioners should demonstrate leadership by serving voluntarily. All have other income.

A saving of $300,000 plus in commissioners' salaries would be made. This would be sufficient for continuing employment of nine or 10 destined for layoff. Such layoffs cause employee and family financial and other distress.

Again, it would help to halt declining staff morale and, in turn, work productivity.

James A. Willan, Brooksville

Don't think only about short term

The oil drilling bill will be introduced in the Legislature by Sen. Mike Haridopolos and Rep. Dean Cannon. Both lawmakers would not view the oil platforms or the results from them in our Gulf of Mexico while sitting in their districts.

The "drill baby drill" mentality is back to lift a 20-year moratorium. It is backed by Florida Energy Associates, a secretive group of powerful politicians, business groups and Texas oil companies. Just who are these people who promised money, jobs and the technology to prevent oil spills and pollution?

Also backing the bill is Associated Industries of Florida and the Association of Builders and Contractors. We must ask: Why? Do they believe oil rigs on our coast is good business?

Last year, SB 360 set growth management back 25 years, putting developers and big business in the driver's seat with the endorsements of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association and the Florida Board of Realtors. Why are these organizations putting short-term self-interest greed over the long-term protection of what is left of Florida's natural resources?

This could happen again. Our legislators will use worn-out phrases — such as the oil rush bill will stimulate the economy, make us energy efficient, lower gas prices, put more revenue into state funds — but all are distortions of realty.

I want our state back out of the control of the power brokers, politicians and lobbyists whose only concerns is financial or political gain by sacrificing Florida.

Regardless if you are a Florida Cracker or just moved here, don't let this incredible American asset be wasted for short-term greed. Get involved. Save what is left of Florida. It's disappearing fast.

Bill Pownall, Bushnell

Don't let it become a dump

I can only say thank you Dan DeWitt for coming forward and telling it like it is in Spring Hill.

Our commissioners allowed Spring Hill to go to the dumps (as stated by Sal Fico) by allowing the demise of deed restrictions and the cuts of the enforcement of county codes.

We moved here in 1995 when people left couches, mattresses, stoves, etc., all along Spring Hill Drive waiting to be picked up, sometimes for weeks. A group was formed to work in the median strips. It was called the Beautification Committee. My husband and I worked to plant bushes, etc., on the strips. When we finished, it looked pretty good and it made a big difference.

Our commissioners allocated money (I can't remember how much but we didn't get our money's worth). We got a few half-dead crape myrtle trees and some ground cover as I recall. Our commissioners didn't care that the money was wasted and today they look worse then ever.

Without strict codes and enforced deed restrictions, Spring Hill will become worse then a dump. It will become a place unfit for decent people to live peacefully.

I hope that all public-minded citizens and organizations will exert their influence on our commissioners to create laws that all can live with.

I'll tell you this: I'm not going to watch the demise of what was once a beautiful place to live. As soon as the economy gets better, I'm out of here!

Lucille Campana, Spring Hill

Dentist is an angel on Earth

I have always known angels walked the earth since I was 7 years old, and I read about another one, Dr. Douglas Roth, owner of Denture Care Center on Powell Road, Brooksville.

Reading about the annual free service reaffirms and proves my belief. We hear about other medical doctors giving so much to the poor in other places of the world, but seldom hear about dentists. It brightened my day and heart.

My mother was my angel. She had seven children and dad wasn't around much. We lived through the Great Depression. One day, just days before Christmas, I saw my mother break down and cry, praying to God for help. About 15 minutes later a knock on the door came, and people gave us a big basket of food and a toy for each of us. Then there was a ton of coal delivered in the alley by our house. I knew I had seen a miracle. I knew mother had a direct line to God. She was a special angel.

This is how I first knew angels walked among us. I am 84 years old and have lived in Brooksville since 1971. After reading about Dr. Roth, now I know we have an angel in our town. Thank you, Dr. Roth, this world is a better place because you are in it.

Dorothy Walker, Brooksville

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