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Hernando County commissioners' show of concern for voters is a sham

Politicians show no care for voters

I think it's time we shed some light on what really is going on in Hernando County politics. We have a public servant by the name of Michael McHugh serving the county commissioners. His latest proposal, which is probably eight years too late, is an indication of how our local government really works.

It is no surprise to me that our Republican-controlled county commission, all of a sudden is concerned about the people of this county when their prior voting records indicate otherwise. For example, the recent vote on the Quarry development in northern Hernando and the reduction of impact fees are confirmations of the commission's loyalty to developers and real estate lobby.

Commissioner Rose Rocco's "no'' vote on the Quarry was a vote of conscience. Commissioner David Russell's no vote on the Quarry was a vote of convenience and not of conviction. Now that he is no longer the commission chairperson we will see exactly where he stands when the issues related to real estate development come up for a vote.

It is no mystery why Mrs. Rocco was passed over as chairperson again this year, four Republicans vs. one Democrat, and if you think that special interests have control over our county commissioners now, after the U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to donate money from their treasuries, which basically represent profits from doing business locally, all you need to do is follow the money trail to the candidates.

If you believe that Mr. McHugh's development plan was inspirational or unique, think again. Thousands of counties throughout the United States have similar or more cost effective plans. The uniqueness about this plan is only the timing of its presentation: Exactly nine months before the election in November. This plan and its purpose will be the focus of political rhetoric for the next nine months, giving the voters of this county the impression that our commissioners really care about us. If project "sunburn" ever materializes I'd be surprised.

Vito J. Delgorio Sr., Spring Hill

Tax fireworks in place of thwarted regulation | C.T. Bowen column Jan. 31

Fireworks put people at risk

We have been working on getting some law enforcement on this fireworks issue for months. We live in Old Homosassa (Citrus County) and we have a home in Weeki Wachee (Hernando County) and in both locations, we get bombarded by not just fireworks, but huge explosive devices. This should not be allowed, especially in populated areas.

No law enforcement agency is willing to do anything.

One mortar went through our roof in Weeki Wachee on July 4, 2009. We are aware of the injuries to the little girl as well. In Homosassa, an errant mortar just missed hitting my husband on our deck and exploded in the river. Our house shakes and we feel in personal danger in our own home. Not to mention what it does to our dogs.

This will not get fixed until the public is made aware of what is going on, and puts pressure on state legislators.

Terri Auner, Homosassa

Security cameras needed at schools

In a recent Hernando Times article, we learn a school was broken into and computer equipment was stolen. Add to this the history of school vandalism, and I wonder if there are surveillance cameras set up? If not, why not?

The cost of these security cameras are low. So low, that not only small businesses have them, but also many homeowners, to protect their properties. Recalling the costly school damages that vandals have made on several occasions in the past and the theft of the computers recently, would it not be cost effective to install such cameras?

Paul Capral, Spring Hill

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Hernando County commissioners' show of concern for voters is a sham 02/09/10 [Last modified: Tuesday, February 9, 2010 6:45pm]
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