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Hernando County must be proactive to fill empty strip stores

Be proactive to fill empty strip stores

I am sure you have noticed many empty strip stores in our county. Many of them have been empty since they were built. There must be over 100 of these stores in our county. It would be nice to have small businesses occupy most or all of these stores and here's an idea that might cause this to happen:

First, there has to be a strong desire on the part of our county commissioners to attract small businesses to our county to occupy these stores.

Economic Development chief Matt McHugh should organize a committee consisting of a banker, a Realtor, a chamber of commerce representative, as well as someone from the Small Business Administration, and a county employee who knows about permits, a health department member and a couple of retired business persons.

The mission of this committee should be to determine the kinds of businesses that best could occupy these stores and cater to the demands of our residents. In addition to the above, certain incentives should be developed to entice people to open a small business in Hernando County.

It is depressing to drive around the county and see so many empty strip stores standing idle while the owners are paying taxes on them.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill

Red-light cameras gold mine for city

There is a new chant in town, "Come back East, young man." There was a time, following the discovery of gold out in the West, a popular chant was often heard throughout, "Go West, young man!" We might remember the discovery initiated a massive movement of newly minted Americans, as well as newcomers, be it by caravans, horseback, or whatever other means available at the time. They challenged incredible odds in efforts to reach western states, especially California, in search of the cherished gold.

But, now that gold has been found in the East and things have changed somewhat, as some Eastern states have joined in the gold rush in conjunction with an outfit from the west, of course, pretending to better traffic safety.

I'd like to know how many fatalities have been reported in the past 10 years, at least, caused by people making a legal right turn on red.

One profitable gold deposit has recently been found in the city of Brooksville, on U.S. 41 and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and nearby corners. The difference being that, unlike the need to dig the ground, or do any sifting, all the city has to do is wait for you (camera ready) to do something like a right turn on red.

It is permitted by state law and never in your lifetime considered illegal, done in a safe manner, of course. Now the city of Brooksville, in cahoots with the gold digging company, rapidly digs into your wallet and digs out $125.

If you are one day late, that's another $25. All this comes with the premise that if you fight it may cost you even more. This pickpocket action is dressed up as a safety matter, and it is easier than taking candy from a baby, or a class bully taking lunch from a smaller classmate.

Thus the old chant: "Go West, young man" could now be changed to: "Come back East, young man. Join the city government; gold find guaranteed. Sixty for me, 40 for you."

Carmelo Delgato, Brooksville

Schools repeating mistakes of past

When does the Hernando County School system stop and think about the children? Did our School Board not learn from the mistakes in the past?

Our school system is still trying to overcome the result of a poorly run district. Did they not learn from all the changes that former superintendent Wayne Alexander put in place before he was asked to leave? We have changed our administrators positions over the past two years with no concern to whom it affects the most, and truly it is our county's children that attend these schools. Alexander thought change was good and, yes, change is good, but not in the middle of a school year when it involves moving good administrators doing their job well.

It seems as if interim superintendent Sonya Jackson is trying to follow in Alexander's footsteps! How do we justify taking an administrator from a program in our county school system for children who already have many emotional and behavioral issues. These kids need the stability. For that matter, all kids need stability. But yet we keep administrators at Deltona and West Side where teachers are running away fast as they can because of poor leadership.

Stability is needed in our school system and these students and teachers should not have to deal with yet another change. It seems Jackson did not research very well as to what might be best for our students of Hernando County.

Marion Mahler, Spring Hill

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