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Hernando County park fees chase away crowds

Decision to not enforce park fees is irresponsible | Dec. 9 editorial

Park fees chase away crowds

I do have a park parking permit, and was one of the first to purchase one. Since I fish three to five days a week in the back waters of the area, I thought it to my advantage to obtain one. I should thank the original greed that sparked the commissioners to implement the fees on the boat trailer parking areas built with taxpayer money because I can now fish most days without seeing a single other boat in bays and the back country. I can now spend peaceful hours without the hassle of sharing the beauty of the nature-filled fishing grounds with other fishermen and boaters.

I noticed that the number of trailers parked in the public parking fee parks has been drastically reduced and boat traffic as well. Public areas of fishing such as the pier fishing at Bayport, Jenkins Creek and Linda Pedersen Park, and the bridges at Aripeka have been much fuller since the fees have gone into effect.

I encourage bicyclers and other users of public and taxpayer-funded properties to call their commissioners and get them to start a fees program on that entity. It is like owning your own private bay or bicycle trail.

I find it difficult to not laugh out loud at the lack of common knowledge your paper displayed in the your attack of the three commissioners who voted to not pursue collection of nonpaying boaters. It is fairly common knowledge in the area that someone has been emptying the parking meters of the daily paper permits that are issued for $5. That makes it impossible to know the difference between a legitimate permit and one that has been extracted by other means. This is a matter of which every commissioner has knowledge.

Since I have an annual permit for parking, I do not concern myself with the issue. What your newspaper should be questioning is why two commissioners voted to continue the collection of fees on the honest boaters while rewarding those who have chosen to get their permits by other means. It shows an air of incompetence on their part and yours.

I do want to thank the taxpayers of Hernando County and the greed of the County Commission for giving me these suddenly uninterrupted days of fishing, I could not have afforded to do this without their help.

Ken Lindsey, Hernando Beach

Outsider status is a good thing

The Times said I was not a qualified candidate for Hernando sheriff, since I had no previous experience as a law enforcement officer, plus, it indicated I was not part of the sheriff department's network and the deputy's labor union, nor did I make any effort to schmooze the local state senator.

That means I have no conflict of interest, am not dependent on a patronage system and I did not attempt to lobby the local district politician. Contrary to what the newspaper implies, this all works in my favor: basing my candidacy on merit and integrity alone.

I offer my years of antiwar demonstrations and community activities, in the streets and inner cities of America; my work and living in the slums and ghettos of Latin America; and in the inner cities of two crime, murder and drug capitals of the nation (Newark, N.J., and Washington, D.C.), without carrying a weapon, nor with any other protection, as a comparable posture of courage and moral strength.

I also consider my academic training (master's degree in comparative government, law and society, and public administration) and my 25 years of managerial experience in the private sector exemplary credentials for the three-tiered administrative position of Hernando County sheriff.

More importantly, I consider it a badge of courage to not be part of the old boy network of Hernando County, or, for that matter, in Pasco County as well. I am also not dependent on the phrase, "It is not what you know, but who you know," which is the apparent implication running throughout the article.

Brian P. Moore, Spring Hill

Respect, don't hate, gay people

This letter is in regard to the Dan DeWitt column of Dec. 3 and is a tribute to my sister and sister-out-law Mary and Karen. Karen is my sister-out-law because they are illegally married in Ohio just as they would be here in Florida.

My sisters are loved by their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers because they are always there for anyone in need. They have over the years helped one neighbor with trips to the doctor and hospital amounting to hundreds of miles and hours of their time. They've helped to raise a single mother's daughter who lives on the block by walking her to the bus stop and by giving her a place to go after school. She has been learning not about homosexual love but about the love shared by caring neighbors.

My sisters lost a friend to leukemia this year. As a tribute they organized a first annual golf tournament benefiting her favorite charity, the Ronald McDonald House. The tournament was a success. My sister's only regret was that a month later she would be hitting up the same people in her annual collection for the Leukemia Foundation. This past year, as with every year, it's been all about others. This in a year when Karen has been fighting breast cancer with chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation.

Anyone who has known my sisters can only wonder why these two great women should be discriminated against by laws, policy or simple bigotry. Any Christian should see that they live good Christian lives. Dan DeWitt is right. As more straight people get to know more openly gay people, an end to the organized hatred is near.

Chuck McLaughlin, Brooksville

This season is all about Christ

I am sick to death how everyone with any power has tried their best to eliminate Christ from Christmas. I respect all other religions but this is mine and has been mine as well as millions of Americans' for centuries.

It is a disgrace that we are taking God and Christ out of everything that is important because we have to consider others. Why are they not considering my belief? Why is it that Americans always make the first move to make everyone else except themselves important?

It's still Christmas with a capital "C" and I will not buy one Christmas present from any department store that would not have employees say "Merry Christmas" to the customers or have decorations that echo this.

God bless everyone and Merry Christmas.

Margaret Passero, Spring Hill

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