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Hernando County residents want Mike Maurer as sheriff

The politics of crimefighting Nov. 28 article

Residents want Maurer as sheriff

Staff writer Tony Marrero had once again done an excellent job of describing the situation surrounding the appointment of Hernando County's sheriff for the next two years.

Tony's article quoted Chris Cote, spokesman for Gov. Crist, who works with his appointment office to choose the best candidate after a careful review and interviews; several factors, such as the candidate's interest in serving, how effectively the candidate could serve and the candidate's integrity and work ethic; and their recommendations.

The most important consideration was omitted and that is the confidence the residents of Hernando County have in the person they want as sheriff. As I traveled around the county, talking to hundreds of people each week, our friends, our neighbors, our residents overwhelmingly have confidence in Mike Maurer to be their sheriff. That should help the governor make his decision and hopefully he'll make it soon because of the transition involving signatures, combinations, etc.

Let's hope that politics doesn't override common sense.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill

Appoint a local as fill-in sheriff

My family chose to live in Hernando County eight years ago. I am a third-generation native of Pinellas County. We did not want to leave Pinellas but to solve a FEMA problem in Clearwater we moved to Hernando County as it was a good fit for our family.

That being said our county will now have a sheriff appointed by the governor. There are at present about eight qualified individuals who have applied to the governor for appointment. Much can be attributed to qualification. This is a huge geographical county but preserves a small town feel. This is our benefit statement as a county. Therefore, to preserve our county, I feel that the biggest qualification for sheriff of Hernando should be a person who is from Hernando County.

If no qualified candidate was available from our county then the governor would be right to seek the best applicant from outside. However, there are many on the list from Hernando County and should be given top priority in the selection process. Should Gov. Charlie Crist choose a person from outside of our county it would be pure politics and counterproductive as the people of Hernando County will vote the outsider out in two years and this will give us three sheriffs in three years.

Like any county in our great state, Hernando has big issues, like taking over the jail. The deputies I have spoken with while trying to stay off the issue (fear for their jobs, I suspect) would rather a local be appointed.

I implore the governor to give us a local sheriff, not a buddy from the outside. Serve the people of Hernando and give us a local sheriff unless you can prove there is not a qualified candidate from our home soil.

Tim Hewitt, Masaryktown

More support for choosing Maurer

I have been a volunteer for 30 years, most of those years in politics, and I have a great deal of knowledge in law enforcement, since I helped Sheriff Mylander and Sheriff Nugent. Commissioner Jeff Stabins knows I always pick the right person who will represent us, as I have helped him.

I second Mike Mauer of the Sheriff's Office to take over as sheriff since he is more than qualified. We need someone that can take over right away and Mike Mauer can do that.

I would like to know and try to understand why Mr. Stabins tries to put our sheriff down.

Nancy Wilson, Spring Hill

Political insider not best choice

Why is there even a question as to who should fill the remainder of Sheriff Nugent's term? Michael Maurer is the clear choice of the residents of Hernando County. As it was stated in the Nov. 28 article, The politics of crimefighting, he knows the agency inside and out. He is a man of integrity and his record speaks for itself.

Nothing is ever solved when politics come into play. Only the people should decide if and when they need change — not the politicians. If, in 2012, the people want change (for the purpose of tweaking or otherwise) they will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on election day. That is what democracy is all about.

We don't need a political insider who must have on-the-job training. That makes absolutely no sense. Other candidates can run for this office in the next election, if they so desire. If elected, they can learn the ins and outs of the job at that time. It has been said before and it will be said again: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Kevin Cameron, Weeki Wachee

Drivers, please brake for turtles | Dec. 1 letter

Be aware of animals by roads

I would like to thank the Rev. Jim Marsh for reminding people what some of us have forgotten. I, too, believe that God's creation should be respected.

I live in a rural area. I see dead animals all the time and it breaks my heart. I know there are times when it is impossible to stop; sometimes the animals just shoot out before we have a chance to react. If we can become more aware of our surroundings and the wildlife that lives on both sides of the road it can make the difference for the life of one of God's creatures.

And please stop for that turtle. Live compassionately; it's the way it was meant to be.

Peggy Ghezzi, Masaryktown

Thanks, friends of Shih Tzus

I read about all those poor abandoned Shih Tzus. My heart felt sad as I love animals. But then when I read of all the people who have helped these dogs, I was filled with joy.

Thank you to all of them for their compassion. The rescuers, the vets, the groomers and all others for helping. My special thanks to Santo of April's Pet Grooming. He has groomed my dogs for years and he has such a good heart. His love for animals comes naturally. My Bella loves him as do I.

Dorothy R. Rockwell,

Spring Hill

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