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Hernando County schools superintendent Wayne Alexander deserves pink slip, plane ticket

Give Alexander a plane ticket out

In this country, we are easily angered by large corporate misappropriations and scandals.

We are quick to scorn the execs from Enron for their actions. We jump all over the flailing auto industry in Detroit when their leaders go to a special Congressional hearing to ask for monetary assistance, each in their own private chartered jet. And let's not forget about the AIG's, multiple banks, and all other companies that have screamed their cries of "We want our government bailout!''

So here we are, faced with a similar situation. Right here in our county. The Hernando's superintendent is caught yet again, worrying about his personal well-being and not the issues at hand with the school district he has been trusted to lead.

So with this in mind, why would we feel any less passionate about this as we would about national issues? This is an issue that hits right here at home. These moves affect each of our children, their teachers and their school's administrations.

It is so very clear; Dr. Wayne Alexander does not want to be our leader anymore. His actions have shown this. He has intentionally been guilty of a breach of contract, and he continues to change his story as to what his intentions are. So let's send him off with our heartfelt thanks that now we can finally get a superintendent who cares about our teachers, administrations, oh yeah, and our students, as much as he cares about misleading our schools and being deceitful to us all.

I ask everyone to applaud School Board member Pat Fagan and James Yant for their continued integrity and exceptional leadership. Let us show our support by awarding Dr. Alexander with a pink slip, a plane ticket, and a map of Brockton, Mass.

Jay Feret, Spring Hill

Time to get a new superintendent

Having been in business for the last 30 years, I have had the opportunity to experience many different management styles. The one thing I have learned is that when a new manager takes over and does the shuffle or wants to shake things up, it only means that manager doesn't have a clue how to solve the problem and is in fact just taking shots in the dark. This is just my impression of Dr. Wayne Alexander's performance from the minute he came to Hernando County. Dr. Alexander has shaken it up, juggled it around, tweaked it until the springs have broken. This is not the kind of superintendent this county needs.

His actions were supposed to bring the promise of a better functioning school district. What it has brought is poor educator morale to the point of them petitioning for his resignation, and the general outcome of his actions seems to be destroying the district. Productive employees are not employees who are constantly in fear of being unemployed.

Well, it certainly is the right time to ask for Dr. Alexander's termination, not resignation and quite possibly the resignation of some of the School Board members. This School Board must fire him and move on to find a new or interim superintendent.

Dr. Alexander, you have breached your contract twice, you should pack up and leave without daring to ask for severance. I am sure the members of the board who were non-supportive with regards to Dr. Alexander's contract termination will feel our concerns when it is time for their re-election.

I was hoping our School Board would do the right thing. Sever our ties with Dr. Alexander and immediately dismiss him without consideration of severance or future recommendations.

He obviously has carte blanche to look for a job. His focus is long gone from Hernando County.

As outspoken as I have been about former board member Jim Malcolm, the suggestion that he take over as an interim superintendent doesn't sound so bad. Even on Jim's worse day, his ideas and ramblings made more sense than what we are seeing now.

Michael Batchelder, Brooksville

Thanks to all who kept library free

I know you all remember the thrill of receiving your first free library card. It opened up a whole new world to us and now all of Hernando County will experience the same feeling. I want to publicly thank the county commissioners who voted to permanently shelf the decision to privatize the Hernando County Library System.

I also want to thank Betty Geentiens, president of the Friends of the Library, who initiated the petition to let the voice of Hernando County residents be heard. More than 700 signed petitions were delivered to the commissioners and I am sure they received as many e-mails in opposition of privatizing. Our voices were heard. Great news.

Libraries are not just about novels, but periodicals, books on tape, music videos, story hours, adult and teen programs and an excellent resource center in all library branches.

Please visit our Little Red Schoolhouse Book Store at 1208 Kenlake Ave., Spring Hill. We are open six days a week. Call (352) 684-0660 or check the library for hours of operation. All the money we earn is given to the Hernando County Public Library System to be used for various library needs.

Friends of the Library was able to support the summer program for 4,900 children last summer.

Enjoy reading and using our free library system.

Betty Depew, Secretary, Friends of the Library of Hernando County

County pool would be cool

Pools would be wonderful in Hernando County. Dan Dewitt's April 14 column reminded me of that again. Good for New Port Richey!

Swimming is healthy and beneficial for all ages. It's kind to old knees and backs. Just walking a pool can make sore joints feel better. I don't think anyone will argue that pools are bad.

Brooksville just has not wanted one since the 1950s. Our elderly neighbor showed us where the Brooksville pool used to be before it was filled in. We could have had several public pools built over the years in various parts of the county if the powers that be weren't living in the past and thinking more of celebrations of the Civil War than improving the lives for all people in the county. The Hernando YMCA might not be so successful in Brooksville. Probably best it was built in Spring Hill.

One suggestion from a member of the council was to swim in the ocean. Pine Island is a treasure, something for the whole county to cherish, but swim teams can't practice for meets in the ocean. The drive there is breathtakingly beautiful and we always take company to the beach at least to watch the sunset. It's also far from Brooksville. Too far to walk and not many can ride a bike that far. Does any public transportation go there? Don't think so.

A public pool someplace in the county is nice to think about this time of year. Won't happen this year. People would rather throw a tea party in front of the court house.

Doris Taylor, Brooksville

Ingoglia is right choice for GOP

I would like to congratulate the Hernando County Republican Executive Committee for its choice of Blaise Ingoglia as chairman of their organization.

In choosing Blaise, they have indicated that they are continuing their dedication to Republican principles and conservative government. With what is going on in Washington these days, we had better demonstrate some conservatism and common sense at home.

He will be a breath of fresh air for all of us and I wish him well.

The Republican Party has shown great strength locally in recent elections, taking nearly every seat in 2008. I am sure that Blaise will continue the effort in his own inimitable way.

William Kingeter, Spring Hill

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