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Hernando County sheriff should take over jail

Private jail risky

I am pleased and excited to read the recent news coverage of Sheriff Richard Nugent's ambition to assume control of our county detention center. I have never been a fan of Corrections Corporation of America or any other private, for-profit company that manages jails or prisons.

I am a detention sergeant for a neighboring county. I feel as a deputy sheriff, I have ownership in what I do every day. I genuinely feel that I serve the public and make them safer every time I enter my detention center. I doubt that morale is anywhere close to high among the ranks of the CCA employees.

I have worked with a few former employees of CCA. When I've asked what was the main reason for them leaving, the answer wasn't their pay. The answer is that they want to work in a place where the staff is in control of the jail and not the inmates. As a Spring Hill resident and a veteran in the corrections field, that answer scares me.

If the Hernando Sheriff's Office were to assume control of the Hernando County Jail, I know I would sleep better at night and our county would be much safer. Besides having a safer county, the best part of this scenario is that Sheriff Nugent says his office would run the jail cheaper than CCA. I have no doubt it can.

Cancel the contract with CCA so the sheriff can begin making his necessary moves. Do what is right for Hernando County by making it a safer place to live and save some money while you do it.

Shaun Klucznik, Spring Hill

Sod edict is unfair

I have several large pine trees that drop needles when the wind blows and, depending on the wind direction, fall on the county right of way, covering the ground. I have been issued a code violation for obstructing the county right of way.

Their solution is to force me to install new sod on county property. I've been told since the needles fall from my trees it's my responsibility to maintain county right of way property. If I don't install sod for the county by March 15 I will be cited for noncompliance. Is it just me or does anyone else think this is slavery?

I can't afford to hire an attorney to fight this as I'm disabled.

Garret Maunula, Spring Hill

Stop at red light

Rep. Rob Schenck is the invisible man for almost two years, then sticks his head up like Whack-A-Mole to try to subvert action attempting to make intersections safer.

The bill allowing cameras all over the state should be passed and signed. Obey the law, stop as required and the cameras become moot.

John Stansbury, Brooksville

Hernando County sheriff should take over jail 03/06/10 [Last modified: Saturday, March 6, 2010 11:21am]
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