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Hernando County should clean toxic site

County should clean toxic site

Hernando County Commissioners need shade meetings because their ideas and discussions don't merit the bright light of day.

Why is the dredge project so important when the environmental mess still sits on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard? The new paving is nice but not as urgent as the toxic cleanup. The mess still poses a health problem to the citizens in that area.

The comment by one of the commissioners that they are cleaning up for themselves since the road was repaved is condescending and demeaning.

I see prisoners cleaning the streets and curbs in Brooksville along Main Street and Howell Avenue. Do they work along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, too?

The toxic site is not only dangerous, but also wastes the land. If it is ever cleaned up, it would be a good spot for the new county center. There might be space enough also for a public park and a swimming pool if it the site is ever truly cleaned up.

Not everyone in Brooksville has a backyard pool, nor can everyone get to the YMCA in Spring Hill. Remember, THE Bus does not run on weekends.

Doris Taylor, Brooksville

Protestors' signs are ridiculous

How ridiculous for peace protestors in Spring Hill to waste time, energy and money to stand on the side of the road holding signs that make no sense whatsoever!

"Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza"? Have the members of the Nature Coast Coalition for Peace and Justice ever read a history book, much less a news story on the current events in Israel and Gaza? Perhaps they should start small and use an unabridged dictionary or encyclopedia to find out what "ethnic cleansing" really means?

The Jewish people have been fighting for their right to exist for thousands of years. You want to talk about cleansing? We could start with the Babylonian exile and keep right on going until we hit the 21st century.

Palestinian militants have been firing rockets into Israeli towns. When nonmilitary attempts to convince them to cease these attacks were ignored, Israel exercised its sovereign right to defend itself and the conscience-ridden citizens of Spring Hill stand up to protest this?

If Canadians were lobbing rockets into New York or Michigan and refused to stop because they had a mandate to kill all Americans, I bet those activists on U.S. 19 wouldn't have a problem with our American military firing on the rocket launchers, would they?

No one wants war. No one wants innocents to die. However, it smacks of an overinflated sense of self-importance to think that writing "Say No to War" on a piece of poster board is going to change anything, much less save lives.

Standing on the side of a road with a sign might give some a smug self-righteousness because of their involvement in the community, but if Brian Moore and his misguided followers want to make a difference in the world, they should volunteer in a food pantry, help out in a local hospital or school, or do a few hours at the ASPCA cleaning cages.

Maybe they could pick up some litter on the side of the road, rather than cluttering it with inanities.

Karyn Moran Holton, Spring Hill

Closing Goodwill will help no one

Downtown Brooksville is losing its only Goodwill thrift store in mid January, following years as one of the most productive stores in the district, with a variety of thrift items that are interesting to peruse and within the budget of the most thrifty of any of us. Employees will be terminated. Loyal customers will have nowhere to go for Goodwill items.

The Goodwill on U.S. 19 is too far for older people to drive in a mix of traffic with daily reported accidents and fatalities and, anyway, the U.S. 19 Goodwill is confusing, with hundreds of new Chinese items, a few rows of thrift items and racks of clothing that confound the imagination. The Brooksville Goodwill is small and family friendly. Customer satisfaction comes naturally with the clerks who serve the store, people who do all within their capacity to assure a visit to the store is totally complete.

District spokespeople urging modified business practices in the interest of saving money do so at the sacrifice of saving its principal chartered commitment with emphasis in providing job training and skills for disadvantaged people striving for work, not welfare.

Its market strategies should emphasize location, and its market analysis should find its goals and objectives in profit margins that justify profitability, not just convenience for district officials.

Deron Mikal, Brooksville

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