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Hernando doesn't need more houses

Re: Economic stimulus possible | June 25 story

Hernando doesn't need more houses

The headline on this story should have read "Developers want to build more homes and to hell with everyone else."

The county commissioners, the Hernando County Chamber of Commerce and the developers want to tap into a $20-million state affordable housing fund to stimulate an economy in trouble because of overdevelopment. To access the fund, the county has to lower new construction impact fees, which pay for schools, roads, etc., by 25 percent.

You have got to be kidding! There is so much wrong with this. First and foremost, it's pandering to developers — by the state and county governments.

This idea is not even a short-term fix, and it's a long-term disaster. For now, Hernando is overbuilt. Period. The county has a glut of homes for sale and for rent. "Yea, let's build more so 80-year-old Mrs. Smith, who has been pouring dollars into this community for 20 years, can't return to Ohio to spend her last years with her children because she can never sell her house. Let's give the developers funds at the expense of the rest of us.''

How does the county plan to make up for the revenue shortfall caused by decreased impact fees? More taxes? Hmmm, what's that going to do to affordable housing?

To hide behind "affordable housing" is a joke. Hernando has affordable housing already. What exactly do the developers plan to build, homes that sell for $60,000? And with high taxes and insurance, affordable housing is a rather obscure term in this state.

We have to be creative and reinvent Hernando. Provide retraining opportunities for construction workers. You might want to start with English.

Perhaps we need a grassroots effort. We obviously cannot rely on local government, can we, Commissioner Dave Russell? Supporting this idea is simply unconscionable.

Marylou Doehrman, Spring Hill

Arctic drilling may reduce gas prices | June 26 guest column

Fear mongers breed mistrust

Now that an election season is nearing our local, state and national fear mongers are getting in lock step to exploit a hot button issue to raise our citizens stress and tension levels over fuel prices.

The guest columnist is mouthing the talking points put out at the national level by the best ever purveyors of misinformation: the current occupant of the White House and the dark lord of terror. She states that since she came to Congress (a three-term member or less than six years) the Democrats in the Senate and even former President Clinton vetoed bills that would have improved the situation.

The guest columnist was not even in Congress when Clinton was president but why not follow the usual approach of her fear mongering party leaders and throw in the Clinton name for good measure. The secret energy task force of this administration and its policies could be contributing to the current energy crisis but we will never know.

Opening up more areas of our country for exploration and drilling as the task force recommended will not reduce the price at the pump today nor any time in the near term of the next five years. There is too much competition in the world for the veiled threat of increased future U.S. production to push back hard enough at OPEC.

The purveyors of misinformation have brought mistrust on themselves and whatever they utter about almost every topic because of their actions over the last 7 1/2 years so why should we trust them on their latest vote-pandering scheme?

Dale Gottschalk, Hudson

Hernando doesn't need more houses 06/28/08 [Last modified: Friday, July 4, 2008 1:34pm]
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