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Hernando letters: Animal Services' latest euthanization recalls value of pet rescue groups

The wrong dog is euthanized | Sept. 22 article

Pet rescue groups work wonders

They have done it again. Our dysfunctional Hernando County Animal Services has euthanized yet another animal before its time was up.

I am completely frustrated and ashamed knowing my tax money has anything to do with this inept organization. There are rescue groups that deal with specific breeds and some will accept any dog. They can all be found online. Just search your breed.

Please consider these options before calling Hernando County Animal Services.

Parry Donze, Brooksville

Got $158 to blow through? | Sept. 28 article

Red-light camera could be faulty

Brooksville's lust for money has added extra red-light cameras to steal more from motorists. The $158 fine is outlandish and excessive.

Most motorists obey the law and know about these cameras. Do you believe these devices are foolproof? Driving through these camera-laden roads will inevitably nail many drivers who will receive fines for not blowing a red light but for being caught by faulty cameras.

How do you contest that?

Jim Caputo, Spring Hill

Libraries prepare for e-jump | Sept. 29 article

Don't reject real books for e-books

I was disappointed to read lately that our local library system is going to be providing electronic reading devices in our libraries. This cost could easily go toward providing library services once again on Saturdays, I would have thought.

We need to encourage people, especially children, to keep on reading real, paper-version books. Apart from the money spent on this new service, surely it is a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. We should be encouraging people as much as possible to continue to read traditional books and all the pleasure that brings to us all. Without real books, libraries would not exist.

Jill Maden, Spring Hill

GOP party chief wants to go for jugular | Sept. 30 article

'Qualified' by whose judgment?

Blaise Ingoglia, Hernando County Republican Party chairman, stated that Shirley Anderson was a better qualified candidate for the supervisor of elections solely on the basis of that fact she is a Republican. I guess that means I or the other thousands of Republicans in Hernando County are also equally qualified to be supervisor of elections.

Why elect her if everyone else is just as equally qualified? Democratic candidate Elizabeth Townsend at least has experience as director of operations in the office of supervisor of elections. The other option is for the Republicans to nominate candidates who have the qualifications for the position for which they are seeking. Clearly Ms. Anderson is not as qualified as Ms. Townsend, Republican or not!

Curt Reilly, Weeki Wachee

County could take lesson from Brooksville | Sept. 30 Dan DeWitt column

Poor leadership by Commission

Dan DeWitt is right. It's not residents' fault, but county commissioners who say "We have no money'' and turn around and want to cut services from people.

I think leadership is a big part the problem. We need people who care about the community. The tea partiers don't care, they want to get rid of everything like THE Bus, libraries and parks.

Need I say more?

David Philipsen, Weeki Wachee

Thanks to these local businesses

The Hernando County Medical Society and Friends wish to acknowledge the local business owners and staff for their participation in the program "Behind the Scenes," a program to provide the youth at New Beginnings Youth Shelter with an enrichment program of workplace experience: Emery Thompson Machine and Supply, Surge Suppression, AME International, Accuform, Boyett's Grove, Joni Industries, Hernando County Airport, American Aviation, First Tee City of Brooksville, Ron Pianta, and Hogan Law Firm.

They offered their time and experience to share their workplace experience with the kids. This program once again showed how generous and caring our Hernando neighbors, friends and business owners are when called on to offer their time and talents. The program was introduced by the Alliance and facilitated by chamber president Patricia Crowley and Hernando Business Development supervisor Valerie Pianta.

Once a week several businesses provided information and hands-on demonstrations to the youth of New Beginnings Youth Shelter. Job skill training, interviewing advice and team building exercises were also an important aspect of the experience. The time spent on-site at local workplaces gave the youth a broader view of employment opportunities as well as an opportunity to realize the care and concern of our community. Feedback from the staff and kids was totally positive — many were amazed at the number of opportunities right here in the county and looked forward to their next trip.

If you would like to participate in this program contact the alliance at [email protected], For information on volunteer opportunities at New Beginnings, contact:

Maureen Soliman,

Hernando County Medical Society Alliance

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