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Hernando letters: Less bureaucracy, more backbone in government needed

Re: Area water plan is seen as key | March 15 story

Less bureaucracy, more backbone

It seems the Hernando County commissioners are now being told we must have another bureaucracy to waste tax dollars, and to tell us we are going to be short of water in the future. It appears Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority executive director Jack Sullivan wants a new job. So why not get himself hired so he can create some sort of new bureaucracy other than the Southwest Florida Water Management District?

What does Swiftmud do? All these redundant agencies are what we really don't need. They are just more money down the drain.

What this county needs is a Board of County Commissioners that can bite the bullet and stand up to developers and say no to new developments without a source of new water from the developers. All we seem to have now is this great sucking sound of tax money and water going down the drain.

When I first came here in 1989, the ponds and lakes all had water, and it was like that for several years. Now, unless we have a exceptionally wet year, they are all dry. Why should residents and taxpayers be charged for the need to develop new sources of water just to satisfy the profits of builders and developers so they can build us out of water?

It appears that right now we are in a short supply of water if we have a serious drought. If no new buildings are allowed, we might be able to survive without extremely negative actions. Continue on our present path of more development without new sources, and there will come a day when your water will be cut off completely from lawns, and you will be told what day of the week you can bathe or shower. But we don't need another bureaucracy to tell us this.

What we need are county commissioners with some backbone to stand up to the builders and stop thinking about where the next dollar for their re-election campaigns will come from.

Jon Knudson, Spring Hill

Re: Florida's Democratic primary

How can citizens' votes be ignored?

As an ex-Floridian who lived in Hernando County, I am wondering how anyone can take away your right to vote whether it was in an unsanctioned primary or not. Americans legally registered have a right under the Constitution to vote for candidates.

Sure, the Democratic National Committee is saying the time was wrong, but under constitutional law did they have the right to cancel any voter's ballot?

If this is a free country, then why place a restriction on the sovereignty of the states? That also is a guaranteed right of freedom; nothing in this world supersedes the Constitution or state law. The national committee is a secular organization and should be bound by state and federal laws. How can they arbitrarily deny anyone the right to vote? Essentially, that is exactly what they are doing in so many words. They are telling all Floridians who voted that their vote doesn't count and you cannot vote for your choice to run for president.

Dominick A. Ruggiero Jr., Mantua, N.J.

Bullying calls for united approach | March 13 guest column

Bullies need real consequences

Guest columnist Mary Ann Peavler is preaching to the choir.

It's a scientific fact bullies don't make bully awareness banners, attend bully safety plan seminars, or give a hoot about the angst or tax burdens they create.

Students want protection and distance from bullies, not cages on campus where the keepers allow bullies to roam and mingle with the general population because Washington wonks command that foxes need mainstreaming with the chickens.

Bullies are pretty confident that not much is going to happen when they act out.

My Uncle Frank taught me an important lesson about coping with bullies. Frank was a sweet, little man. Business owner, great father and husband, active in his church and civic organizations. Korean combat veteran.

On one occasion a very bad man threatened Frank with a weapon. The assailant was a notorious bully. When the bully with the weapon came at Frank, my uncle buried a knife in the man's chest. God only knows where Frank's knife came from. The man lost a lung and the incident had a miraculous and pleasing effect on his present and future relationships.

The lesson I learned is bullies appreciate real consequences.

James B. Johnson,

Port Richey

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