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Hernando letters: Our unpaved roads should be fixed

County should fix unpaved roads

I am writing regarding the lime rock roads that I and other residents of Hernando County have to deal with every day. I bought a house in Royal Highlands (off Hexam Road) last year and have been dealing with the lime rock road every day. I am paying the same tax millage rate as everyone in Hernando County, with none of the benefits. There are no street lights, no road signs off Hexam, and the county only partially grades the road. A recent rain flooded the entire road and overflowed into my and my neighbor's yards.

Everyone on my road has a new home; we all paid impact fees and pay our taxes. For what? With the taxes we pay, there should be no unpaved roads in Hernando County. The county recently put a "treatment" on Star Road, which does help. And then I read an article that a developer wants to put in a development and they will do road improvements (pave Star Road), but they get their impact fees reimbursed.

The county has all but forgotten about the people who built beautiful, expensive homes in Royal Highlands and paid impact fees and taxes yearly like everyone else on paved roads, but with no benefits.

When I purchased my home, I was assuming with all of the building in Hernando County these roads would be paved within a year. After e-mailing the county engineer and our county commissioner about my road, the response was if the homeowners get together and pay two-thirds of the cost to pave the road, the remainder would come out of another fund. Why should we pay for the paving of the road AND pay taxes?

It is crazy that the county will take on projects like Elgin Boulevard, spend money to buy people's homes, and then stop. Someone is not looking at the big picture here.

Where does my tax dollar go? I can't open my doors and windows because of the lime rock dust that consumes my house. I have to change my air filter in the central air unit every few weeks. I drive a Jaguar and it is being ruined from the potholes and the lime rock dust and mud that collects on it every time I leave my home, not to mention the cost of new air filters (expensive) for the car.

I wish I never purchased a home out here. I owned a home in Spring Hill for five years and never had to think about any of these things.

Take care of the residents of Royal Highlands. Give us paved, treated, or even primed, properly-graded roads. Or, reduce the taxes here so we can get together and get something done ourselves.

Tina Piver-Culligan, Brooksville

Dress code can be good for students

I am in favor of a new dress code for Hernando County public schools. I feel we should come to school to learn and not act like we are in a fashion show.

The students around me are always judging you or saying something. The girls at my school have explicit clothes that shouldn't be allowed. They show everything. Some kids feel that what they wear isn't cool enough for others, because others are always so judging.

If we have a limit on what to wear, then no one should be made fun of or put down. My clothes also have been made fun of and I am sick and tired of it. The dress code should be approved.

April Hawkins, Spring Hill

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Hernando letters: Our unpaved roads should be fixed 03/25/08 [Last modified: Thursday, March 27, 2008 1:48pm]
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