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Hernando letters: Peace protesters far from peaceful

Protesters against the war in Iraq gathered Wednesday across the street from the Hernando County Courthouse in Brooksville to mark the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war.


Protesters against the war in Iraq gathered Wednesday across the street from the Hernando County Courthouse in Brooksville to mark the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war.

Re: Protests marking fifth anniversary of the Iraq war

Peace protesters far from peaceful

Last Wednesday, I kept the peace. I wanted to say stuff but I promised Dee Mills, a Gold Star mom, that I would stand silent to honor our troops. Code Pink and the others hit our little town of Brooksville that day. A few of us moms stood there with our "Support the Troops" banners. We were not protesting them; we were not supporting the war or protesting against it. We were there, with our heads held proud, as mothers of U.S. servicemen and women.

We prayed in the parking lot for guidance. I did not go as a "Blue Star" representative, I left that shirt at home. I did wear my "Army Mom'' T-shirt and my son's "Corpsman Doc" hat from the Marines, and another pin that said my son is in the Navy. I handed out "Army Strong'' pins to anyone in the group who had a child or spouse serving in the Army. We marched forward, just a little band of us moms, against many hateful people. And we were happy to see the Tampa Marine Moms join us.

The protesters said they were there for peace. What a joke! I thought these were supposed to be peace people. I was called names. They did everything they possibly could to antagonize us. They yelled in our faces, screamed obscenities and called us hateful names. Peaceful people do not scream obscenities at mothers and about their children. Peaceful people say, "We appreciate you supporting your sons and daughters. We would like to bring them home." But these were not peaceful people. These people said we need to bring them home because they are murdering the Iraqi people.

We sang God Bless America and the National Anthem. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, so I hope I hurt their ears. The local police force was wonderful. Our Marine Gold Star mom, Dee Mills, was not taking any lip from anyone and she was attacked verbally again and again. She was out there as our leader and we are darn proud of her.

The police came to our rescue when we were being harassed. We were peaceful, but they were militant. I have never seen such hateful people in my life. They were truly disgusting.

I was honored to stand beside a bunch of mothers who had children who served or are serving, or who had children who died to support freedom in America and the world. God bless each of them. They stood proud in Brooksville on Wednesday.

Jan Zabel, Hernando Beach

Re: Our water future needs protection, March 19 letter

Permit bill about economic growth

I would like to take this opportunity to straighten out some points about my expedited permit bill, which Nancy Murphy pointed out in her letter.

She shows a deep commitment to preserving wetlands in Florida and worries that this bill will harm them. I would like to set her mind and others' at ease. This bill does not deal with wetland mitigation; it deals with resource permits, and no developer can take advantage of this bill. The only people who can ask for an expedited permit are county commissions and city councils.

This is an economic development tool for cities and counties to use to attract and maintain high-paying jobs we so desperately need in Hernando County. No city or county would ever attract a highly-sought-after business and then locate them in wetlands. They would go on already-zoned industrial land.

I would encourage Murphy or any of my constituents to please contact my office whenever they have a question about any piece of legislation. I am more than happy to provide anyone with all of the facts on both sides of any given issue.

State Rep. Robert Schenck, R-Spring Hill

Residents miss the taste of home

As a 20-plus-year resident of Hernando County, will some purveyor of food introduce a real, honest-to-goodness New York-style Jewish deli in our area?

With all the folks here from the East Coast, I'm sure it would do well as a deli and restaurant, if it is authentic. The nearest one is way down Alt. U.S. 19 and we have enough other types of restaurants in our area.

We're not Jewish, but we miss our old restaurant.

Art and Cynthia Croci

Spring Hill

Re: Withlacoochee River Water Supply Authority

Nepotism seems to be at hand

Whenever a thing occurs that appears to be so outrageous as to defy belief, I stop and think for a minute. Of course, there must be a very good reason for it and someone is working hard to make it happen for their own private profitable reasons.

To wit: Commissioners Rose Rocco and Diane Rowden taking the side of creating an expensive new bureaucracy to deal with the alleged water regulation problems. The last thing this county needs or wants is another new layer of government to deal with problems regarding water. We already have plenty of those people, as well as people spending money on other matters. How utterly audacious of them.

But then I stopped and thought, why? Could it be perhaps that a job might be available in the new agency for a relative or friend? This might explain this outrageous proposal. Nothing else would make any sense. After all, nepotism is not unheard of in Hernando County.

William Kingeter, Spring Hill

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