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Hernando letters: School superintendent's raise request out of line

Re: Superintendent seeks 14% raise, two-year extension on contract

April 25, story

Superintendent's request out of line

The new one-year superintendent of schools, Wayne Alexander, is going to request a 14 percent increase in salary and a doubling of his transportation allowance.

The increase in transportation allowance has some validity because of the increase in gasoline prices; however, I find it hard to understand $500 not being enough unless he is using his own vehicle. If that is the case, give him one of the under-used ones in our inventory.

The salary increase is a joke. He wants an increase for doing well what he was hired to do well. If he had a bad year, would he be asking for a decrease in salary?

From what I have read in the newspaper, it seems to me all he has done is create turmoil. Some of his moves do not seem to make sense.

However, he is the man in the job so I have to trust his judgment that his changes will improve the system. Right now it is too early to tell. If and when the efficiency increases, the budget does go down and FCAT scores increase across the district, I will be the first to stand up and scream for him to get a huge raise. Until then, it is wait and see.

Charles E. Emberger,

Weeki Wachee

Asking for raise shows audacity

According to reports, the Hernando County School Board must cut programs, dismiss teachers, etc. Yet Wayne Alexander has the audacity to ask for an assistant to the tune of $90,000 a year, a 14 percent pay raise, almost double his transportation allowance and a two-year extension on his contract!

All this while teachers may get a 6 percent raise in return for an extra day's work.

This suggests one of two things: Either Mr. Alexander is out of touch with reality, or his ego is so large he believes his request is reasonable and fair. I certainly hope the powers that be do not agree with him.

Blanche Asdot, Spring Hill

Raise would be at teachers' expense

Are you kidding me?

This just goes to show you where this superintendent's mind is at. It's not for the students or teachers, but for his own greasy pocket. This is exactly what is wrong with government. Someone is getting rich while the others suffer.

I have family members who are losing their jobs in the school district because of Amendment 1 passing. I know that money is very tight now and cuts are needed, but why is it that Wayne Alexander even gets $119,000 to start with and a $6,000-a-year travel allowance. There also is talk of hiring an assistant for him at $90,000. Unbelievable!

Now he is claiming how great of a job he is doing and deserves a $14,000 raise as well as a $4,800 raise for his gas money?

He claims it is in line with other similarly sized counties. Hello, Alexander, have you bothered to examine that the teachers have been in the same position as you for years? They are paid well below other teachers in similarly sized counties.

Are you going to do anything about giving them a 14 percent raise or a travel expense to boot? I can bet you couldn't care less about them. Just know they have all been here longer than you.

There is definitely room to cut expenditures and streamline things. It should not be at the expense of kids and teachers.

Your time would be well spent doing everything you can to save those teachers' jobs. Any elected official who goes along with this man's request should be voted out. Get rid of Alexander now!

Chris Kraft, Spring Hill

Alexander is just out for the money

I read the article in the Times detailing superintendent Wayne Alexander's wishes to receive a 14 percent raise and a $950 fuel transportation allowance.

I already was of the opinion that Mr. Alexander was an arrogant man who only cared about himself from the way he conducts himself during meetings and the changes he's made to the dismay of parents. His latest actions prove he's only here for the money.

Since it doesn't seem that Mr. Alexander reads the news, or is aware of the economic picture in the state, I'd like to clue him in:

• Teachers all over Hernando are losing jobs. If you didn't move to Explorer from Eastside, your position may have been cut.

• Money to classrooms has been cut. Per-student funding is dropping 1.8 percent.

• For the second year in a row, state workers aren't getting an across-the-board pay raise.

• Gas is over $3.50 per gallon now and will likely see $4 per gallon this summer.

Mr. Alexander, you are not worth a 14 percent pay raise. If you were, you would know that this is not the time to ask for a raise. Hundreds of people in this county are being laid off and can't find work.

People are wondering how they will commute to Tampa when gas is $4 a gallon for jobs that pay $30,000-$50,000. And you need a transportation allowance increase on your salary of $119,000 for a job that requires you to commute locally?

Additionally, your job is one that demands your full attention. You don't have time to teach a college course and I suspect you're only after the money involved in taking on that commitment. Should we expect to see future school events and board meetings scheduled around your teaching job at one of our local colleges?

How long is the Hernando County School Board going to put up with Mr. Alexander? He doesn't have Hernando County's interests at heart, only his own. This request proves he is not putting our needs first!

Thank goodness board member Jim Malcolm sees the audacity of this raise request.

I can only hope the rest of the board feels the same way.

Colleen Caldwell, Brooksville

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