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Hernando letters: Seeing meetings should be free

Seeing meetings should be free

I am very disappointed in the Hernando County Commission. I thought by now the commissioners would have encouraged BrightHouse Networks to let the residents of this county view government television broadcasting for free.

After all, our taxes pay for the programming.

Why do we have to pay for it twice? And why are our commissioners letting BrightHouse get away with this?

I work during the day and I am unable to attend the county meetings. I at least try to be informed of what is going on in this county by watching the tape-delayed replay of the meetings on Saturday mornings. Now I am unable to unless I pay more.

I already paid. This is an outrage.

Linda Mahoney, Spring Hill

Re: March letters from "peace protestors"

Protestors spew traitorous venom

This is to all the people who, just because they hate President George W. Bush, will do anything unpatriotic.

I paid (I am not alone) the price for your ticket to cast your demented garbage onto the memory of all patriotic Americans. Uncle Sam cries for his veterans.

I cannot hear adequately and I use a cane that the Veterans Administration provided — possibly made in China with our tax money. I have one shoulder and arm with the remains of one Japanese bullet in it and one shoulder with arthritis in it, all because of the scrap iron that, as a 12- or 14-year-old kid in the hills of Tennessee, I gathered up and sold to a Jewish scrap dealer, which then was sold on the world market, perhaps to the Japanese for their war machine; this scrap could have later been processed into steel by American POWs.

There is one such patriotic American living right now, a few miles from Brooksville. He is 92. As a prisoner of the Japanese, he slaved in the steel mills for two to three years there in Japan. He and I kid about the possibility that I gathered up the scrap iron that he made into steel that the Japanese shot me with on Okinawa.

Yet, as a U.S. Marine, I landed in Japan the first day for the surrender ceremonies.

Jack P. Bratton, Bushnell

Only touch action can end the war

Wow! Someone writes a letter about the behavior of some of the recent protesters and they swarm your paper with letters defending themselves. A lot of thin skin involved there.

First, the majority of Democrats, Republicans, conservatives and liberals alike don't want war. It's the extremist factions that make the most noise but don't get much respect, and for good reason.

The only reason some of them say "we support the troops," but are against the war, is because many of them are the same ones demonstrating in the 1960s, but called us "baby killers" when we came home on leave.

They were ostracized by the general public for that, so now they claim to support our brave men and women. But I have my doubts.

At a recent demonstration, I saw a sign saying "disband the military, no more wars." This mindset would have had people throwing rose petals as the Nazi storm troopers marched through their neighborhood. The main reason the war on terror has backfired is because we have tried to be too nice at times. Example: We had Bin Laden trapped in Tora Bora and agreed to a 24-hour cease fire, then extended it to a 48 hours. Bingo! Bin laden winds his way through caves and disappears.

We have Muqtada al-Sadr and his henchmen trapped inside a mosque for weeks, but let him negotiate his way out because we didn't want to enter a mosque out of respect. Now al-Sadr has thousands of followers and a civil war going, while blowing up mosques that we were afraid to enter. So much for being gracious on our part!

In other words, "rose petals" don't work with your enemies. Actor George Clooney is against the war, but criticizes President Bush for not sending troops to Darfur because thousands of people are being killed. Duh! Wasn't Iraq doing the same? The far left can't cherry pick where it wants something done and ignore others in the same bind.

I have an idea whereby we can have health care for everyone, affordable housing for all, better schools, bigger paychecks, etc. Bring all the troops home from everywhere in the world. Build an impenetrable fence on our borders, and send not one country a dime so it all stays here.

We literally have given trillions of dollars abroad and we are still called the "ugly Americans" and they preach hate against us. If we stop all money going to these ungrateful nations, what will they do? Hate us even more? So be it!

Gene Huber, Spring Hill

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