Friday, November 24, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Hernando Letters: Stop attacking the senior citizens


Criticizing what they depend on most | Feb. 26, Dan DeWitt column

Stop attacking the senior citizens

Mr. DeWitt, would you please ride another horse. You go on and on about seniors living the good life in 55 and older communities.

You suggest seniors demanding smaller government are hypocrites because they now benefit from a mandatory government program paid into during their working years, and then you infer seniors lack gratitude.

Unfortunately, you do not understand that most seniors recognize government waste. As seniors we have balanced our budgets, lived on what the government did not take and recognize the difference between needs and wants. Seniors see the government not living within its means and recognize this needs to change. Apparently you do not.

Patricia Wood, Brooksville

Living splendidly, behind their walls Feb 19. Dan DeWitt column

Our residents give to community

It was interesting to read Dan DeWitt's column about Timber Pines adult community. The things that were written were true but did not say it all. The residents of Timber Pines enjoy living in Hernando County and support the county in many ways.

Timber Pines residents have donated over 400 units of blood per year, with the LifeSouth Bloodmobile coming into our community quarterly to collect this life saving gift. In January 2011, they collected 136 units of blood.

The Timber Pines Community Association and Sheriff's Office annual Holiday Walk raised $3,270 in 2011 for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for those in need.

Of the 85 clubs in Timber Pines, one is specially named the Charity Fund, and has donated over $300,000 to help others outside our gates. Many other clubs donate scholarships to our local high schools.

Timber Pines supports "Blessing in a Backpack' and in 2011 collected several pickup trucks full of donated supplies "to put food on the table."

Our tennis club, as well as an individual resident, has adopted three miles of Hernando highways and picks up and disposes of trash thrown upon the road monthly.

All roads and street lights in Timber Pines are privately owned and are maintained at our expense.

Yes, we are blessed to live in Timber Pines, and yes, we do share our good fortune with others in Hernando County.

Russ Bendel, Spring Hill

Every person has his or her walls

From a journalistic standpoint, this column lacks clarity. If the writer wants to be obtuse and play with words to illicit a reaction to enhance his standing in the closed environs of the Tampa Bay Times, he may have succeeded.

We all have our walls that protect us. He has chosen his. We in Timber Pines, have chosen ours. What, exactly, was his point?

Philip Berkhousen, Spring Hill

Some folks need a gated community

I'm trying to understand Dan DeWitt's animosity toward senior citizens and why he seems to be so mean-spirited towards those living in a gated community.

I do not live in a gated community, but I can understand why many people — for example, widows and those who live alone — feel safer and more secure living in one.

Also, I sympathize with the fact that many seniors are frail and in poor health, and are better able to cope in a quiet, peaceful environment.

He further mentioned in another column how he wished "some of them could be a little more grateful."

How does Mr. DeWitt know that seniors aren't grateful, and what exactly are they supposed to be doing to show off said gratitude?

I wish Mr. DeWitt would better serve the community by writing columns about more important issues.

Janet Ciancio, Spring Hill

It's about freedom of religion, really Feb. 24, letter

Contraception is religious freedom

The letter writer says, "The federal government is sadly expanding its powers into the affairs of religious institutions, which is a violation of the Constitution. That is the issue."

In fact, it is the other way around. Those who believe that the creation and reproduction of human and spiritual life is within the authority of God, are free to refuse the contraception and abortion services. So, it is the non-Catholics who will be financing higher medical expenses for additional and defective births.

Of course, when the government legalizes these services, it is ignoring their creed, and mocking their religion.

Indeed, it is the Catholic church that is demanding that the law to be consistent with its beliefs — also a violation of the Constitution. That is the bigger issue.

John Dorgan, Spring Hill

Citizens is unfair to homeowners

I just received my renewal of my Citizens Insurance for my house. It has gone up more than $500, and now they are telling me my swimming pool is not covered, only the house.

Of course the reason for the hike is all the people who took money that they shouldn't have. The fault lies with the insurance company. It should have had tighter regulations a long time ago instead of letting this go on for years.

The insurance company should foot the bill, not the poor homeowner who has never had a claim.

Christine Teale, Spring Hill


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