Saturday, March 24, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Hernando Letters to the Editor for June 30

Bill, now law, will hurt schools

Gov. Scott recently signed into law House Bill 7069, a bill that will have an immediate and serious impact to Hernando County Schools. As those of us who lead public school districts have grown used to each legislative session and the inevitable changes that result, this year's session proved to be exceptionally disheartening.

Initially, we were hopeful that with increased awareness and advocacy about HB 7069, we would be successful in defeating this punitive initiative. And, as public outcry mounted, our apprehension made its way to the governor's desk, where we urged a veto. While Gov. Scott asked House and Senate leaders to add funding to the student funding formula from which schools operate, he chose to sign the bill into law.

To be fair, HB 7069 does include some elements that will benefit students and teachers and will provide some district autonomy in several areas. But overall, the bill disadvantages public schools by weakening our ability to serve all of our students equitably.

This bill will challenge us. It will require difficult decisions about how to offer high-quality educational services to our children with diminishing resources. And, while I am saddened by the outcome, I know that Hernando has talented educators, strong leaders, and a community that will continue to support the Hernando County School District. We will continue to work together as a united community to provide our children with learning and training opportunities so they can be successful and our community can prosper.

Thank you for your partnership, your advocacy and your trust.

Lori Romano, superintendent, Hernando County School District

Offended? Go back North

Monuments and other types of memorabilia relating to the Civil War are an important part of our history. Removing the Confederate flag and removing monuments should not be tolerated. New Orleans removed four statues for the same reason that the removal request was done here. Is it really that it offends some people, or is it that some people just want things their way?

We have memorials for the wars that have been fought here and abroad, and I don't hear anyone complaining about them. If we take one down, why don't we just take them all down? I don't see or hear of anyone up North wanting to remove the Northern memorials. Enough is enough!

If you live in an area that offends you, then you should not have moved there. This includes the South. The memorials were here long before you were. My suggestion is that you pack your stuff and move back North, where you can't be offended, and leave us Southerners alone. By the way, the U.S. flag that we fly resembles the Union battle flag. Shouldn't someone complain about that? Goodbye, good luck and have a safe trip.

Wesley Hawkins, Spring Hill


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