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Re: Time for Hernando County to show government meetings online | June 1 Times editorial

No digital access in parts of county

Nice thought to keep all citizens advised of Hernando County government by using Web-streamed computer access. But this does not solve the problem for all citizens, even if there is a computer available.

All areas of Hernando County do not have access to digital anything. BrightHouse Networks is the only cable company locally and refuses to install cable in some areas of the county. I've been trying for eight years. High-speed/broadband Internet also is not available in certain areas of the county. High-speed is needed for efficient "streaming." Our local telephone company does not offer anything to improve Internet speeds.

So, no thanks to your proposal until every citizen in this county has the same access.

Diane Maynard, Brooksville

Dog park slowed by excess plans

Another outlandish project is on the move! We have a $265,000 ceramic-tiled waste at the Suncoast Parkway Trail Head, a $1.4-million hot, noisy, eco-unacceptable aluminum walkway with more ceramic-tiled waste at a boat launch park (Bayport Park), and now a work-in-progress — basketball, volleyball and, most likely, another ceramic-tiled waste of money going in at the Rotary Dog Park in Spring Hill.

I ask you: How many people have trained their pooches to shoot hoops and play volleyball? And I'm quite sure a lot of people will pack up a lovely picnic basket to go sit under an exorbitantly priced pavilion to sit and watch the doggies defecate all over the dog park.

I know many dog owners are waiting for the completion of this park. People have been donating money at various venues (Swamp Fest, etc.) toward this dog park. I don't think they knew they were donating toward another playground.

Our local kids have lots of area playgrounds that our county workers are already struggling to maintain within constant budget cuts. The dogs have no play-run areas where their owners usually pick up after themselves. An all-inclusive dog park is a deserving idea. I wonder how many people would want their donations back when they realize they were donating toward another playground at which a lot of dogs will become agitated when put near rowdy, game-playing kids?

I am not a crabby old senior citizen with no life, and who balks at inevitable change. I am an avid biker on the Suncoast Parkway Trail, and an avid kayaker who puts in at Bayport. I don't have a dog, but I truly think dogs need a private area to run free, smell butts and do doggie business.

People! When is this ridiculous overspending going to end? Our county is overwhelmed with high cost of living, sky-high taxes and insurance rates, budget cuts, layoffs, lack of jobs, foreclosures — and the beat goes on. Those wanting, needing and donating for a dog park could have had, paid for and been using the dog park by now if this project had been kept to a reasonable project. Simply, a dog park!

Mary K. Bratt, Spring Hill

Fuel prices call for bus expansion

How about this? Park our cars, jump THE Bus, and forget about gas going up to $4 or $5 a gallon.

Expand the bus service, and not only on the main streets. Pick up where people could wait on their corners, or near to it, and rural areas need service, too.

We need benches at all THE Bus signs for shelter from rain and heat. Most of all, Saturday is waiting for all services to start.

We should check out both routes of THE Bus, blue and red. We should find different ways to run these trips so the red and blue go to the same stores each half hour. Blue buses should go all the way to the stores on Cortez Boulevard and red buses should go also to stores on U.S. 19, with stops at all main streets and communities along the way, as service is needed.

Rosemary Sonnenberg, Spring Hill

Hernando letters to the editor

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