Sunday, February 18, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Hernando Letters: We're all innocent until proven guilty

Shootings give extra bang for the bucks | March 28 Dan DeWitt column

Innocent until proven guilty

After reading yet another antigun drivel, I can only wonder what Dan DeWitt he hopes to accomplish.

He would like to try the shooting of Trayvon Martin in the press, even though there is no evidence of a crime. He completely ignores the fact we all are innocent until proven guilty!

By the way, the NRA has the largest lobby in Washington and my dues are the best investment I make all year.

Arnie Gundersen, Spring Hill

Stop, learn before trashing Republic

There are pros and cons with every service. I'm tired of only seeing cons written about Republic Waste Service.

True, I had wonderful service from Waste Management, but not without a few glitches on both our parts. We solved them in a personal way. I spoke to them and they, when necessary, even left me a note. I appreciated that.

I have driven through my neighborhood on trash pickup day only to see cans full of yard waste, large cardboard boxes and other items not considered to be trash or garbage.

We all received written instructions about our days and what goes when. I admit I thought it a bother at first, but after a few weeks, it became routine. I mark my calendar every month and no problems!

Look around and you'll see that many people are at fault because they aren't concerned enough to pay attention to simple rules that are really easy to follow. Are you one of the guilty few?

By the way, Styrofoam is recyclable. Just check the recycling boxes in the Publix stores. I save fast food cartons, egg cartons, etc. Thank you Publix!

Sylvia Arendziak, Spring Hill

Builders shouldn't get special treatment | March 16 Dan DeWitt column, and Find a sustainable way to pay for development | March 25 editorial

Get over your old builders grudge

Mr. DeWitt is becoming like an old 78 RPM record, replaying over and over again, and quite frankly, it's time he came to terms with whichever members of the Hernando Builders Association he maintains a beef or grudge with.

I've been in business in Hernando County since 1983 and have been a proud member of the HBA for well over 20 years. It is a great organization that I pride myself in being a member of, an organization whose members have done quite a bit for this community.

They have participated in so many activities, funded charities and given back to this county tenfold. So the constant bashing is so not justified.

In reference to DeWitt's wife's prior road access situation resulting in a negative outcome from the county, perhaps she didn't organize other businesses to join her in her plight. Different times and different people in charge. Unfortunate as it was. Direct and vent your frustrations at the county.

Also, the temporary suspension of impact fees is simply a shot in the arm to try and jump start our economy and revive this county. Builders do not profit or receive one red cent of this money! We are merely the collection agency for the county. If more buyers were aware of this fee, perhaps they would voice their direct opinions to the county.

My husband and I drive through this county and take pride in the many homes we've built here in the past 28 years in business and still hope to continue to do so. So, instead of constant negativism toward the building industry, why don't you join our efforts and assist the HBA to promote the revival of our fine community.

Linda Wisniewski, Brooksville

Deltona needs its traffic signal

Eighteen years ago, my husband and I retired from the Chicago area and moved into the Timber Pines community. There was minimum traffic; it seemed there were more empty lots than houses. Since the big building boom, you bet traffic has increased on Deltona Boulevard. We have around 3,500 residents in Timber Pines, not including visitors. This is a huge complex, and yes, we do need a traffic light on Deltona. No apology.

The developers saved money by eliminating shoulders on either side of the streets for golf cart use. The carts are run on the streets. Safety is the prime reason for road privacy and requires us to repair the streets. This means that the county has saved money in 30 years. Don't bother calling us snobs — we have been called that too.

Millions of dollars have and will be poured into the Spring Hill community with shopping, dining, buying cars and providing employment for workers in and out of here.

We played by the rules. My husband was drafted, fought and spent his time in Korea, as did other veterans in Spring Hill. He helped change the skyline of Chicago with other construction workers. No one gave us anything; we worked for it. We are proud to be part of the 99 percent and apologize to no one.

Lee Anderson, Spring Hill


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