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Hernando School Board's Dianne Bonfield explains her recent stands

Board should look past attitude | offer job again Nov. 22 editorial

Bonfield explains her recent stands

I did not support the reinstatement of Michael Provost, but chose to follow the advice of our attorney and move for his dismissal. My dismay with Mr. Provost was heightened by his remarks about placement in the STAR Education Center. STAR is a vital part of our school system and provides an environment for troubled students to work on their problems and return to the mainstream. Mr. Provost's reluctance to accept this assignment was troubling to me. It failed to display the good faith that the board showed by reinstating him.

My reason for recommending dismissal of Dr. Wayne Alexander had nothing to do with possible legal fees. I felt that he had mishandled several situations that hurt our school district. The first was allowing students from outside our county to attend Nature Coast Technical High School. This was an ongoing problem. My preference would have been to contest the lawsuits filed and back our established policy.

The second problem that concerned me was the no-zero policy that pervaded our schools and was contrary to our procedures. I felt that the superintendent and his staff mishandled this situation. My actions on the board have always been to promote its policies and procedures and ensure accountability.

Dianne Bonfield, Brooksville

County needs to be more humane

Just when you think you heard it all, here is another example of Hernando County government in action. I had the misfortune of expressing my concerns to the building department about a termite-ravished home in Brookridge, behind my home. Three weeks ago the wind took three sides of the home down, leaving the roof to hang by very few bent two-by-fours. My concern was that the homeowner, a lady who needs a walker to get around, was under that roof removing her possessions and if the roof should fall she could get seriously injured.

The building department person told me that it is not his problem if she does get hurt. I asked him if the unsafe roof is going to be taken care of so no one gets hurt. He told me that his department is broke, he has too few people and he has too much work to do.

I asked where was his responsibility to the taxpayers of Hernando County. He said they are to the taxpayers, then added that if he could get a contractor to work for free and the county to wave the dumping fees at the landfill, it would get done in the future. He asked me if the homeowner had to be moved from her home if it was deemed an unsafe home would I shoulder the responsibility to move her someplace else?

I was not going to do that, and yes I'm a taxpayer of Hernando County.

Here is a question for Hernando County government: If the department has no money to operate, why keep his office lights on? Lock the doors, send him home and with the unemployment in Hernando County, I'm sure we could find someone to do a better job.

Jerry W. Schad, Brooksville

Deputies need to learn sensitivity

A sheriff's deputy was rude and condescending to my husband at the Walmart store about 10 a.m. Oct. 24. The deputy didn't have to talk to and treat my husband like he was a criminal just because he sat in front of the store with a sign trying to get work to get a few dollars to feed our kids.

The deputy could have just approached him and asked him to leave; he would have done so without incident. Instead the deputy belittled him in front of a lot of people by grabbing his sign and throwing it down to the ground. He frisked my husband, asked for his driver's license and ran a check. He accused my husband of being told on another occasion to leave the store and never come back. He called my husband a liar when he explained he had never done this before at any store.

I can attest to this because I was too ashamed to let him go beg, but our circumstances were so dire, I finally gave in.

My husband got laid off over two years ago. He has put in over 100 applications to no avail. He wants to work. We've seen other people out there with signs and thought it was okay. How would the deputy feel if he couldn't feed his kids?

Sheriff Richard Nugent needs to teach a class in compassion to his deputies. Treat people as you would like to be treated.

B. Vidas, Spring Hill

Keeping recycling schedule Nov. 15 letter

Recycling wastes time, money

If the letter writer only puts out one can per week and it's not even full, he must live alone and eat like a bird. If he fills his recycle bin to the top in that same week, sounds like a contradiction to me.

Picking up recyclables is an unnecessary act and cost granted to Waste Management by our county commissioners.

About one in six households (maybe) use the recycle bins. The rest probably use the Dumpsters by Winn-Dixie as I do, and we all have to pay Waste Management for nothing. Ride around on the evening and morning of the pickup of recyclables and you will see how few bins are out.

It's like THE Bus, which has maybe one or two passengers at a time, but that's another travesty initiated by our board.

Charles Miller, Spring Hill

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